Code Red
S1 episode 6 Aired on February 9, 2020

The heat is on for Coach while Beth’s anxiety simmers just below the surface. 

“Never take your eye off your girl.”

Beth may be back in her rightful position on top of the pyramid in time for regionals, thanks to Tacy’s overreaching causing RiRi’s head injuries, but she seems to be barely keeping it together otherwise. She’s unable to sleep and when she does she’s having nightmares about Kurtz and losing the support of the squad. And Addy returning her focus back to Coach isn’t exactly helping Beth deal.

The Clock is Ticking

With regionals only four days away and RiRi’s accident weighing on her conscience, Coach elevates Addy to take RiRi’s place and rides the squad hard during practice. But with RiRi sitting on the sidelines all banged up, unable to speak and looking miserable, Addy has a hard time staying focused. Coach explodes, warning the girls that they’re in danger of squandering their chance of a lifetime if they don’t get their heads in the game.

“Shake it off”

But Colette could be giving the same speech to herself. She too isn’t sleeping, in part because she’s rattled by J.J. blaming her for RiRi’s accident. Making matters worse, Colette has to join Matt for a dinner with J.J. and Bert in order to help persuade J.J. to get her employer to fund the stadium project. And though it seems to feel like torture for her, she continues dodging Will. 

Crazy for You

But what Colette doesn’t know is that her not responding to Will is starting to send him over the edge. One morning, he parks outside her house until he spots Colette with Matt in the driveway. After coincidentally seeing Colette having dinner with Matt and Madison at Teddy’s Tavern, he spirals. He gets into a fistfight with Kurtz for being a “predator”—both for how he’s preying on Slocum as a recruit but also for what Kurtz might have done to Beth at the Playland party. Unable to control himself, Will shows up unexpectedly at Colette’s house while Addy is there to babysit so Colette can attend the dinner with J.J., Bert and Matt. When Will says, “You are my life,” Colette’s resolve to keep her distance melts. They make love in her bedroom while Addy sneaks a peek from the hallway.

Dinner at Snickers

Colette’s interlude with Will makes her late for the dinner. Matt tries to cover for her even though he’s clearly annoyed that she’s not even responding to his texts. Bert and Matt start pitching J.J. but Colette not showing up just raises J.J.’s hackles even more. Suddenly on the defense, Matt defends Colette and her hard work and storms out of the restaurant. Meanwhile, when Colette stops to get cigarettes, she finally hears Matt’s voicemail telling her that she shouldn’t bother coming at this point. Parked in the driveway at home, she looks at her face in the rearview mirror—there’s a bad wound on her forehead. As she walks into the house, she passes the front bumper of the car, which seems to be newly smashed. Matt is ready to rip into Colette—until he sees blood running down her face. She dissolves into tears in his arms.