WWE Raw Recap: September 23, 2019
S27 episode 39 Aired on September 23, 2019

"The Fiend" came calling again, Rey Mysterio defies the odds to secure massive title match on Raw's season premiere, a new 24/7 Champion is crowned and more.

The peasants are revolting! Or at least one of them is, and he was dealt with accordingly. Chad Gable, who lost in the King of the Ring tournament to the newly-crowned King Corbin just last week, has been waging a sustained, one-man rebellion against His Grace ever since — an insurgency that provoked a brutal, if slightly desperate, statement from the king during a rematch of the tournament final on Raw.

That Corbin got the last word of the night is news for the new monarch, who could charitably be described as “divisive.” That he had to resort to it at all does not reflect quite so shiningly on him. Gable, after absorbing a slew of short jokes, used his size and speed to his advantage by wearing Corbin down and locking in a torturous Ankle Lock, which Corbin broke by seizing his scepter and bashing the rebel with it to provoke a disqualification. King Corbin continued to use the staff against Cable after the bell, leaving the folk hero despondent despite his nominal victory. Obviously, the outcome of this one match will serve as a warning to all the king’s opponents, which is what he wanted out of the night no matter what. But it is a poor look for His Highness all the same, while Gable suddenly looks like a king in all but name.

It’s wild to think that just a few weeks ago, Rey Mysterio had one foot out the door after a demoralizing series of losses to Andrade. But since Rey's son Dominick convinced him not to hang up the mask, The Ultimate Underdog has been on an incredible roll, one that peaked on Raw with a massive Fatal 5-Way Elimination victory that earns Mysterio a Universal Title bout on next week’s season premiere of Raw.

On paper, Mysterio’s box score doesn’t indicate dominance — he only notched one elimination — but it's hard to overstate how clutch the former World Heavyweight Champion was in the sprawling match, which saw him line up against three reigning champions and a bona fide superhero. Ironically, all of those opponents largely canceled each other out. Shinsuke Nakamura (the Intercontinental Champion from SmackDown LIVE) took out Ricochet with the Kinshasa; United States Champion AJ Styles answered with a Phenomenal Forearm to The King of Strong Style, and Raw Tag Team Champion Robert Roode quickly dispatched Styles with the Glorious DDT. That brought the bout down to Roode and Mysterio, and the old magic kicked in like clockwork.

Though Rey had taken a beating throughout the bout, he had a little bit left in the tank at a critical juncture, evading the Glorious DDT and turning on the jets to land a 619 on Roode, which he followed up with a Frog Splash off the ropes for the win. Clearly, Rey Mysterio is at the point where he can simply will himself to victory, no matter the odds. If he does it one more time, he’ll change the landscape of WWE.

“Sharing is caring,” said Bray Wyatt on an all-new “Firefly Fun House” that aired in the middle of Raw. He even broke a Seth Rollins action figure in half to illustrate the point to Rambling Rabbit and Huskus the Pig Boy, who both like The Beastslayer and didn’t want to share him. Wyatt’s alter-ego, however, was somewhat less open to the lesson of the day.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt reared his head once again in Raw’s final moments, robbing Braun Strowman of what was shaping up to be a decisive win against the increasingly overwhelmed Universal Champion. Rollins, visibly stressed going into this match, pulled out all the stops to defeat his former tag team partner and was answered with the full force of The Monster Among Men. Wyatt made his appearance before Strowman could deliver the Running Powerslam, muscling the big man down with the Mandible Claw before again creeping over to Rollins in the corner.

Rather than menace the champion some more, however, Wyatt turned his attention back to Strowman, locking in a second Mandible Claw moments before Raw faded to black. Sharing may be caring, but as far as the real Seth Rollins is concerned, it's looking like he might belong to one man and one man alone.

In other action … Braun Strowman confronted Universal Champion Seth Rollins … The Viking Raiders def. The O.C. … Rusev def. EC3 … Sasha Banks def. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross … and Lacey Evans def. Ember Moon.

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