WWE Raw Recap: March 19, 2018
Aired on March 19, 2018

In one of the most bewildering matches in WWE history, “Woken” Matt Hardy battled Bray Wyatt from The Dilapidated City to the shores of The Lake of Reincarnation in The Ultimate Deletion. Find out how The Woken One ended The Great War at The Hardy Compound, and why The Eater of Worlds, as we know him, might be gone forever.

The good news for Roman Reigns is that he got his wish: Brock Lesnar showed up to Raw, just as Mr. McMahon promised. The bad news is that The Big Dog was handcuffed when the Universal Champion made his presence known and was therefore utterly helpless to stop the beating and victimization that followed.

How champion and challenger got to that hellacious ending point is a bit more complicated, as neither Reigns nor Lesnar were present when Raw General Manager Kurt Angle opened the show — Reigns due to his ongoing suspension, Lesnar because he was reportedly running late. The Big Dog, however, had taken it upon himself to show up to the arena anyway, making his entrance through the WWE Universe and refusing to leave until Lesnar got to the building, leading a trio of U.S. Marshals to come to the ring and handcuff him.

Reigns took issue with the Marshals’ rough handling, however, and singlehandedly fought the three of them off. He had less luck with Lesnar, who appeared and made a beeline for the handcuffed Reigns, administering countless German Suplexes, steel chair strikes and, finally, an F-5 before making his exit right as medical officials brought a stretcher to take the incapacitated challenger to a local medical facility, where he would be held under observation with no timetable for his release. (Lesnar later returned to tip it over.)

Reigns has said for weeks that he wasn't sure where Lesnar's focus was as WrestleMania approaches. Safe to say he got his answer.

The short version of what occurred on Raw is as follows: Alexa Bliss still can’t beat Asuka, and she isn’t sorry for saying how she really feels about Nia Jax last week … though she may end up regretting her refusal to walk back her insults when WrestleMania rolls around, as she’ll be defending her Raw Women’s Title against Jax on April 8 in New Orleans.

As far as Asuka goes, however, Mickie James’ help gave The Goddess enough of an advantage it seemed as though Asuka's undefeated streak was in serious jeopardy. But Bliss was so overwhelmed by a retaliatorily Ankle Lock from The Empress of Tomorrow that she straight-up walked out on the match, absorbing a count-out loss in the process. With the match over, Nia bolted down the stage and decimated James before chasing Bliss from the arena. The champion made a narrow escape, but while Bliss' complaints about Nia’s aggression fell on deaf ears when she went to Kurt Angle — The Olympic Hero was none too pleased about his Women’s Champion acting like a bully instead of a role model — he decided to “do something about Nia” all the same: Give her a match at WrestleMania for the Raw Women’s Championship.

“Woken” Matt Hardy has fulfilled the promise he made upon his rebirth several months ago: Bray Wyatt has been deleted.

Their highly-anticipated final battle, dubbed “The Ultimate Deletion” and set within the sprawling grounds of The Hardy Compound, began as a one-on-one contest in a ring, but it quickly turned into a pursuit across the compound once Hardy’s drone, Vanguard 1, ignited the “Boomstick Protocol” and showered the ring in fireworks to allow The Woken One to escape his opponent.

The Eater of Worlds pursued his foe through “The Dilapidated City” (which bore an eerie resemblance to Wyatt’s own destroyed compound), lost track of Hardy in “The Land of Obsolete Men” (where The Woken One led Wyatt on a frantic pursuit among a yard of ornate tombstones) and nearly met his doom in “The Dome of Deletion,” when Hardy commandeered a lawnmower and drove it toward Wyatt while “Ode to Joy” blared through the Compound.

In other action … Braun Strowman def. Raw Tag Team Champion Cesaro … The Revival def. Titus Worldwide and declared for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal … Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville def. Bayley & Sasha Banks … Kane attacked John Cena after he demanded a response from The Undertaker … and The Bálor Club def. Intercontinental Champion The Miz & The Miztourage.

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