Melissa Gets Schooled
S1 episode 5 Aired on July 2, 2019

Back to School Blues

It’s the first day of the new school year for the two youngest Radkes and unsurprisingly, no one is ready. Frantically, Melissa forages through the remains of the school supplies left in their local store the day before school is set to begin, managing to find new backpacks for both kids, despite Remi’s lack of enthusiasm for the one she is given. As the family is running late, Melissa must put together lunches on an early morning car ride to school. She manages to pull it all off up until the dreaded middle school drop-off leaves her breaking the rules to get Remi to school on time. What’s a little driving down the wrong lane of the carpool between parents? Unfortunately for Melissa, it’s deserving of a lecture from the principal.

Football Fascination

Meanwhile, David is consumed with his fantasy football league, leaving no time for back-to-school shopping or dates with his beleaguered wife. It is his lucky week when he manages not only to win a rock-paper-scissors game against Melissa over who will take the kids shopping, but also is able to avoid the crazy carpool so that he can emerge victorious in his fantasy league.

Romantic Interlude

In the aftermath of back to school chaos, David realizes that he hasn’t been as present as he could have been and surprises Melissa with a romantic date to the lake where David has come prepared with popcorn, artificial butter (just the kind that Melissa loves), and a fully charged laptop so they can relax and watch Melissa’s favorite show.