S2 EP16
Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead
It's four a.m. and an alarm is going off at the Santa Barbara History Museum. Lassiter and Juliet rush in to find that the mummy from the exhibit that opened yesterday is missing along with Hastings, the night watchman, who it turns out has a criminal record. That, combined with the fact that the mummy, along with everything else in the museum, is of so little monetary value that the board of directors keeps postponing the overhaul of the security system, leads Lassiter to conclude this case isn't worth his time. He's been in the papers lately because he's been trying to prove that the death of wealthy philanthropist William Wyles III was no accident, as was originally thought. He tells Juliet to put out an APB on Hastings' car and goes to leave but Sophie, the assistant curator, insists there's more going on. The alarm was triggered from the inside of the museum and although the security isn't top notch, nowhere on any of the footage does the culprit or the mummy appear. She thinks there's something potentially supernatural going on and she wants the paleosleuth who discovered Zippy the Dinosaur on the case. For once, Lassiter is happy to oblige. So Juliet calls Shawn, who is awake and in the middle taking pictures of a married man having an affair outside a cheesy motel. He finishes that and comes straight down to the museum where he sees fingerprints on the inside of the glass mummy case and footprints leading away from the exit door. There is something weird going on here, he tells them. The mummy got up and walked out.
S2 EP15
Lights, Camera... Homicidio
The police have called Shawn and Gus down to the television studio. There has been a murder on the set of the telenovela "Explosion Gigantesca de Romance," Gus' favorite soap opera. But when they get to the set, Lassiter says Juliet jumped the gun calling them and the case is open and shut, in fact the whole thing was caught on tape. One of the actors, Jorge Gama-Lobo stabbed the victim during one of the scenes. But Jorge insists someone switched the prop knife for a real one without his knowledge. Shawn looks around and sees a long hair on the murder weapon. He also watches playback of the incident and can see the genuine surprise on Jorge's face. He claims Jorge is innocent. Vick tell him he's not under arrest yet, he's just been temporarily suspended from the show. Gus can't believe it. Jorge's character is in the middle of an important love triangle with the character Corrine. Shawn tells Vick about the hair on the knife that clearly wasn't Jorge's and asks for one day to investigate at the show. She agrees.
S2 EP14
Black and Tan: A Crime of Passion
It's Gus' birthday and Shawn gets him the ultimate present. They are both on the VIP list for the fall launch party for Ciao clothing as the modeling team "Black and Tan." Once in, Gus is excited to see his favorite unknown model, Berlinda Desidovicz, and as he goes over to talk to her, Shawn notices one of Ciao's owners, Ciaobella, berate her assistant and throw a green shake onto the ground. Just then, the other owner, Ciaobella's husband Gregor Uwe-Steeb, gets up to give a speech. He starts by saying he did all the designs for the new line, then as he reaches down to adjust the mic stand, he's electrocuted to death.
S2 EP13
The Old and the Restless
Shawn and Gus have run into a problem on their latest case. They are investigating the disappearance of Oswald Chester in a place that is impossible to sneak into, Glorious Pines, the most exclusive retirement community in Santa Barbara. They convince Henry to go undercover as Talmadge McGulager, who has actually gotten in off the wait list. However, Shawn has already informed the real Talmadge that he cannot move in for three more days giving them time to investigate. Once inside, they hook up with their client, Jervis Kent. Jervis is a security guard with minimal clearance but he did manage to get Talmadge the empty bed in Oswald's room. Oswald disappeared three days ago but the Glorious Pines staff and the police refuse to investigate since Oswald has a history of disappearing then reappearing a few days later. But Jervis, being Oswald's best friend, knows that this time is different. Shawn spots Oswald's wallet next to a rope bracelet on the nightstand. He concludes that Oswald wouldn't voluntarily take off without money and an ID. Gus sees that he's left his blood pressure medication behind as well. Shawn notices evidence that Oswald was training for a marathon and deduces he probably went missing on one of his practice runs.
S2 EP12
There's Something About Mira
Shawn and Gus are being followed by the worst P.I. ever. Shawn's actually taken pictures of himself being surveilled over the last few days. Finally they confront their stalker, who lights a cigarette and confesses that he was hired by Gus' wife. Gus admits to a shocked Shawn that he met Mira Gaffney when he was in Mexico on Spring Break in 1997. She was crazy and could get him to do things no one else could, like skydiving and getting married on a drunken binge. Shawn insists on coming with Gus to meet her and Gus agrees, making Shawn promise not to let him get sucked back into Hurricane Mira again.
S2 EP11
Gus' Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy
It's Christmastime and the Gusters have invited Shawn and Henry over for dinner, one of only a handful of such invitations ever extended to the Spencers since Bill and Winnie Guster have always thought of Shawn as a bad influence on their son. After their meal, during which Shawn tries to prove he's actually been a help to Gus over the years, the group goes caroling through the old neighborhood, starting with everyone's most hated neighbor - Old Man Fuller. But when they get up to the house, Shawn knocks on the front door, which swings open to reveal Fuller, hanging from the banister.
S2 EP10
Henry is sick, Shawn tells Gus. He called to cancel their weekend camping trip in the mountains and Shawn couldn't be more thrilled, until he catches his dad driving through town, the picture of health. Now Shawn has to know why he was ditched, and he and Gus follow Henry to the Monarch Lodge, where they discover Henry is a member. After Shawn perfectly repeats the secret handshake, they enter the lodge to find Henry in a room full of robed lodge members, surrounding a dead body on the floor. The brothers have called Henry in for help, but he insists he's retired both from the force and the lodge and calls the police. Gus, meanwhile, realizes he's in a room full of doctors, and gingerly steps around the body to start networking. Shawn tells Henry that the deceased, Arthur Holmstrom, was murdered, possibly by poison, and no one in the room seems to be upset about his death. Henry's friend Ted Archibald, who called them in, is worried they did something wrong during Arthur's Patriarch ceremony. He had a ceremonial hood on for twenty minutes, and is worried Arthur might have suffocated. Lassiter and Juliet arrive at the scene. It turns out Lassiter has always wanted to be a member but has been blackballed by his soon to be former father-in-law, Irving Parker. Now Lassiter is determined to solve the case quickly to impress Irving and the rest of the lodge members. Meanwhile, Gus has been busy locking down an appointment with Dr. Downs, who has a large practice and is a big purchaser of pharmaceuticals.
S2 EP9
Bounty Hunters
The Santa Barbara police department is on high alert. Dwayne Tancana, arrested for the home invasion robbery turned murder of Isabella Cole, escaped custody on his way to arraignment by head-butting Juliet as they rounded a corner. Now it's a full on manhunt, and to Lassiter's chagrin, the victim's husband has hired bounty hunter Byrd Tatums to ensure his wife's killer is found and brought to justice. Juliet is eager to get out there and correct her mistake, but unfortunately Lassiter has to bench her at the office, ensuring her he'll use every resource to find Tancana. Juliet takes him literally and calls in Shawn and Gus. Lassiter tells them they are only to locate Tancana and call them in. He's too dangerous for them to bring in themselves, he explains, and shows them pictures of Isabella's strangled corpse as proof.
S2 EP8
Roc-A-Bye Baby
Interim Chief Vick calls Shawn and Gus down to the station. She has something big and top secret to talk to them about. The guys are excited until she tells them she wants them to find her a new nanny. Her last nanny left, she hasn't slept in weeks and she needs them to psychically screen the candidates for her.
S2 EP7
If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?
Two teenagers, Shockley and Goddard, come to the Psych office to hire Shawn and Gus for a case. They need help and the police won't take them seriously since they are kids. One of their teachers at the Meitner School for gifted students has killed someone and in two days, he'll kill again. The problem is, they don't know which teacher it is, who he killed or who his next victim will be. When they broke into school late one night to pull a prank, they accidentally hacked into a cell phone call being made from the campus. The only other information they could get is that the killer has a deep voice and a cousin named Muriel.
S2 EP6
Meat is Murder but Murder is also Murder

Gus' Uncle Burton is in town for a visit, and since Gus has spent all his life trying to live up to his namesake's expectations, he does not correct him when he mistakenly hears that it's Gus who is the psychic detective, for fear of disappointing him yet again.  That means that when Uncle Burton tags along on their investigation into the death of Vince Wagner, a prominent restaurant critic, Shawn must help Gus find clues while Gus pretends to be psychic.  Shawn looks around and sees leftover containers and evidence of bad cooking.  He leads Gus to a "vision," quickly disregarding the wife as a suspect.  She was a bad cook, but she was trying to get her husband to eat healthy, not kill him.

S2 EP5
And Down the Stretch Comes Murder
Jimmy Nickels, Shawn and Gus' childhood bully, has called and is coming to see them at the Psych office. The guys are scared but determined not to give up their lunch money again, until they open the door to see that Jimmy has not grown an inch since they last saw him, which is one of the reasons he became such a successful jockey. He's come to hire them. He's been losing his races and he doesn't know why. Despite Gus' protests, Shawn agrees to take the case. He has felt guilty ever since he turned Jimmy in for hitting a teacher with a spitball, which led to Jimmy's expulsion. Shawn feels he owes him.
S2 EP4
Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds
A case involving a chop shop owner has Shawn having second thoughts, triggering an unexpected first for the would-be detective.
S2 EP3
Sixty Five Million Years Off
Detective Lassiter is on a roll. He's closed nine cases in a row and since he's been on such a hot streak, the department hasn't had to call for outside help, leaving Shawn feeling very unneeded. When a dead body is found on the beach, Lassiter invites Shawn along to show him how it's done. At the crime scene, there is little to go on except puncture wounds on the body. Desperate to get on the case, Shawn looks at the marks and claims he knows who is responsible - a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
S2 EP2
American Duos
American Duos, Gus' favorite reality show, has come to Santa Barbara. Even better, its cantankerous host, Nigel St. Nigel has not only been receiving death threats and has already survived a couple of attempts on his life. He needs protection and does not trust the police. He needs someone who can anticipate his stalker's next move, yet can blend in and not attract attention. Shawn already has the perfect idea. He and Gus will become contestants on American Duos.
S2 EP1
Psy Vs. Psy
Shawn and Gus get called in for an important meeting in Chief Vick's office but when they get there they are surprised to find Special Agent Lars Ewing of the Treasury Department, who is in town on a counterfeiting case and has brought along his partner, Lindsay Leikin, a psychic who not only has had great success on this case already but is determined to prove Shawn a fake.