Shawn and the Real Girl
S6 episode 12 Aired on March 14, 2012

We come up on Melinda, the "bachelorette" on a reality TV show called "Paths of Love", handing out "heart necklaces" to her remaining eligible bachelors. Just as she is about to hand a necklace to Todd, signaling his chance to stay on the show, we learn that Todd has gone missing in a car crash.

At the SBPD, we learn Lassiter has received photos of Todd's accident. Shawn looks at them and thinks there is some fowl play at hand. Steve, the show's director, approaches Shawn and tells him he thinks foul play was involved too. He asks Shawn and Gus to drop by set to investigate. Steve explains that "Paths of Love" is show where eligible men compete for the affections of Melinda, a woman each contestant has crossed paths with in the past but has never actually met.

Shawn tells Steve that he and Gus can help figure this out, but only on one condition: that they go undercover on the show as bachelor contestants themselves.

That night, Hilton Fox, the host of the show, announces two "twists" to the show... just then, Shawn and Gus walk out wearing suits and heart necklaces, signaling to Melinda that these are her new bachelors.

Jay, the show's investor, and Melinda are less than jazzed about the addition of Gus and Shawn to her bachelor pool. Steve affirms that Shawn and Gus will be stars and will make for great TV, but Jay isn't so sure.

Just then, Juliet and Lassiter show up to further investigate Todd's car crash. Shawn tries to hide from Juliet the fact that he is on a reality dating show undercover, but she figures it out pretty quickly and keeps a watchful eye.

Shawn and Gus believe the culprit is on the inside. During a mix and mingle session with Melinda and her bachelors by the pool, they get a sense that the culprit may be one of the bachelors named Mario, a threatening hot-head, acting outwardly angry toward the contestants who are getting closer to Melinda than he is.

Shawn and Gus quickly discover Mario is clean, but in shy contestant Danny's bag, they find a pair of greasy gloves – gloves that could have been used while cutting the break line on Todd's car.

From there, Shawn and Gus visit the control room to look at footage of Danny in the last 24 hours. Shawn alerts Juliet about Danny, and they bring him in for questioning. But they end up finding nothing concrete enough to arrest him on. But Shawn believes he can get Danny to confess on his own. Shawn gets Melinda to keep Danny on the show over Mario by revealing he found a picture of Mario's girlfriend in his things. Melinda is devastated that Mario has a girlfriend and therefore has no choice but to choose Danny.

Shawn and Gus watch Danny grilling by the pool. Shawn Shawnvisions a loose gas cap on the grill and immediately rushes to Danny's rescue before he is engulfed in flames. And from there, Shawn and Gus are able to clear Danny's name.