S4 episode 5

405 Method Not Allowed

Aired on November 3, 2019

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

There are only two—count ‘em, two!—instances of dialogue in “Method Not Allowed”: at the beginning and at the end. In between, the episode shows how time is not on Elliot and Darlene’s side, how Dom’s time is not her own and that it’s time for Krista and Vera to talk.

It's now Christmas morning and…

Burning Man…and Van

On the road outside of Pike’s Hollow, Elliot pockets Tyrell’s phone and the Dark Army op’s gun, and then douses the van and the op’s body with gas, setting the whole thing on fire. As Darlene pulls the stolen car into the same gas station at the location she last had for Elliot, she sees the smoke billowing over the trees. She drives toward it and stops the car, mouth agape. Elliot casually knocks on her window to unlock the door. Here Darlene utters the first of only two instances of dialogue in the whole episode: “It’s cool, dude. We don’t have to talk.” She blows through a traffic light to get them back to the city ASAP. They still have to break into Virtual Realty to get access to Cyprus National Bank before tonight’s Deus Group meeting.

Another Hack, Another Wig

Back in his apartment, at first Elliot struggles a little to stay on task in the aftermath of the previous night’s events. But he washes the blood off his hands (literally and figuratively) and gets Dolores Haze’s Virtual Realty ID ready while Darlene transforms into her alter ego with a jet-black wig. 

The Christmas Cookies Will Have to Wait

Just as Dom is dumping her store-bought sugar cookies into a storage container to make them appear homemade (#holidayprotip) for her family’s holiday gathering, she gets a Signal message from her pal Janice sending her up to Pike’s Hollow to investigate the operative-torched-in-a-van sitch. When Dom arrives, it’s a full-blown cop scene. The coroner is already zipping up the DA op in a body bag. So she gets in her car and as she drives, she notices the camera on top of the nearby traffic light—a.k.a. the same one Darlene ran in the opening scene. She purposely drives through the red light and it flashes, as if taking a picture of her car. Dom hangs at the local police station to see if she can be there when they go through the red light reports but with the holiday, no one seems to be moving so fast. She secretly puts a LAN Turtle on one of the officer’s computers so she and Janice can watch the officer’s screen remotely. Dom sends Janice a message that since she didn’t have authorization, she hacked the local police department’s network. Janice now should have access and should look for incoming red light camera reports. Janice responds with a thumbs-up emoji. While Dom hangs in her car in the station parking lot, she gets an email from Agent Amy Hartman saying that the “lucky Irish bastard” has been released, meaning Deegan Maguire, the mobster whose specialty is “disappearing people” whom she interviewed in episode 402.

Let the Heist Begin!

At 11am, “Dolores” walks into Virtual Realty and tries to swipe her ID card, while Elliot waits outside. With the main security guard, Dolph Lawler, distracted by Darlene, Elliot, donning black medical gloves, slips inside and down the stairs. First order of business is getting Dolores Haze in the employee registry so Dolph will let her in. Then he forces a firmware update that will take out the security camera screens for 40 minutes, setting his phone timer accordingly. During her interaction with Dolph, Darlene covertly gets a clean print of his fingerprint on the screen protector of her phone. She picks up Elliot in the elevator and they head to the 7th floor to KraftWerks 3-D Printing. There they scan Dolph’s fingerprint, make a mold of it and then push Silly Putty into the mold to create an imprint. Meanwhile Dolph is trying to figure out why the cameras are down. Downstairs he sees the firmware update happening on the monitor. However, he can’t cancel the process. The siblings head to another floor within Virtual Realty to create a Smart Access ID badge for the server machine. But the clock is ticking….

Christmas Day Scavenger Hunt

Phillip’s Christmas morning is spent at a restaurant waiting for details about the Deus Group meeting. Elliot sends him a message saying that Tyrell won’t be at the meeting tonight. The waiter delivers the first set of instructions: to go to E Corp and give $20 to the trombone player on the plaza, which he does, sighing, instead of ho-ho-ing, all the way. The trombone player doffs his cap revealing a ticket for Murnau’s Dry Cleaner’s, located on 2nd Avenue. Having picked up a suit at the dry cleaner and taken it home, Phillip finds a note card in the jacket pocket indicating the location: The Brentano at 9pm. He texts Elliot to let him know that he has the time and location of the meeting, whether or not Wellick can attend.

Time Is Up”

Over at Virtual Realty, Elliot and Darlene make it into the server room with barely six minutes to spare thanks to Dolph’s thumbprint. Elliot deletes Dolores’ profile from the directory while Darlene gets on a console, looking for the CNB SSL server that runs authentication. But, uh oh, Dolph has noticed the open fire panel on the elevator and heads to the server room floor: the only floor requiring badge access. He suspects the server room has been recently accessed so checks an app on his phone and sees that his fingerprint was used for entry. He texts the other security guard to call the cops while Dolph goes into the server room. Darlene has finally found the correct CNB server but time’s up and she isn’t done. Only a moment after the security cameras come back online, Elliot has figured out how to cut the lights in the server room, buying them a little more time and cover. Darlene gains access to the bank’s SSL proxy server just in the (saint) nick of time and adds herself as an admin so she can maintain remote access. They bolt. With the cops outside and Dolph about to nab them, Elliot runs past the guards and the cops so they chase him. Darlene improvises another disguise—as a gym rat coming out of the fitness studio within the same building—and cruises right by them. They barely glance in her direction. She gets into her stolen car and tracks Elliot, who is being chased all over Central Park and beyond by the cops. Run, Elliot, run! Backed into a corner, Elliot jumps over a railing, falls down a very high embankment and tumbles to stop next to Darlene’s car. Limping, he gets in. She peels out and Elliot places his hand over hers. All she ever wanted for Christmas, apparently.


After the DiPierro holiday meal, Dom takes the family dog for a walk and sees a white van parked outside. Back indoors, she writes down the license plate number and its location on a pad of paper. Dom doesn’t notice the news on the TV with a story about some “yuletide mayhem at Central Park” because her phone buzzes with a message. Janice needs Dom to track down a couple of “troublemakers.” Her text says it’s a “911 scenario, so chop chop” and she includes a photo of Elliot and Darlene captured from the red light camera. 

A Change in Plans

Krista is all ready to meet up with her new beau Jason so she can introduce him to her family for the first time when she decides to blow them off and make dinner with just him. She heads to the same grocery store where she ran into Elliot in episode 403 and doesn’t realize she’s being trailed by a woman in a red puffer jacket. When she arrives at her door, she recognizes the woman in the red jacket from the store standing across the street and fumbles with her keys, which causes her to drop her groceries. Red jacket woman picks up her fallen ice cream and Krista turns to see Vera, who utters the only other dialogue in the episode: “It’s time we talk.”