S4 episode 11


Aired on December 15, 2019

In the third to last episode ever (!!) of Mr. Robot, Qwerty the fish makes a cameo appearance. But it’s a small consolation for how things are going down for Elliot and Mr. Robot in Washington Township. And the light at the end of whiterose’s tunnel might not be so bright after all. Or is it too bright?

“Minister Zhang is Dead…”

But whiterose isn’t! Remember when the FBI agents were breaking down the front door while whiterose was calmly applying her lipstick? Well, the Dark Army was ready for ‘em with their trusty automatic rifles, mowing down the whole lot of them so that whiterose could escape without getting a single drop of blood on the hem of her white dress. 

And “Whiterose Isn’t Dead Until Her Machine Is”

Back at the motel the morning after Christmas, Mr. Robot tries to convince Elliot that it’s too dangerous for him to mess with the Washington Township plant because one slipup could spell disaster. But Elliot has already written the malware; all he has to do is access a terminal on their network and plug it in. Mr. Robot warns that if Elliot goes down this path it will never end. Elliot looks up and sees Magda and Young Elliot. Elliot says maybe Robot should go with them because he needs to do this alone. Magda and Young Elliot join Robot to watch Elliot as he walks away.

You Can’t Go Home Again…Or Can You?

When Elliot arrives at the Washington Township plant, the place is eerily empty and there are signs of people having left in a hurry. He cautiously walks into what seems like a recently abandoned office, finds a computer that’s still on, and plugs the BadUSB into the terminal. It completes the script, almost too easily. But then Elliot sees a plant employee dead on the floor. When Elliot turns around, Hamburger Man, in his usual white forensic suit is standing there (eating a burger of course) with four masked Dark Army soldiers holding assault rifles. He finally speaks for the first time and says, “Hey, you’re in the wrong place.”

People: Love Them or Hate Them? Discuss

They escort Elliot past several murdered plant employees to a dimly lit, black-walled chamber, similar to the one where Angela took her quiz and whiterose showed her her idea of a better world. The door locks behind him. As soon as whiterose enters in her white gown, Elliot says the items she has gathered, including the computer Elliot used growing up, the book his dad used to read, and even Qwerty, is not going to work on him the way it did on Angela. After placing a box on the desk, whiterose shares how she wasn’t born who she was meant to be and suffered greatly as a result. She’s tired of the pain this world causes. Her vision has always been to end the dysfunction and deliver a better world. Elliot’s not buying it and accuses her of hating people. Whiterose laughs and basically says look who’s calling the kettle black, Mr. fsociety! Elliot’s response is yeah, I do, but I’ve learned that there are some people out there who love you no matter what and that’s the difference: he’s not giving up on this world. “And if you can’t see why, then I speak for everyone when I say eff you!”

Sound the Alarm

Just then, whiterose’s watch beeps and the plant alarm system starts going off. She explains that her machine is pulling all the power from the plant, which will cause a meltdown. That’s why it needed to be moved to the Congo. Elliot’s “little exploit” was installed too late to stop it. Elliot will soon see that all those lives that have been lost will be found again once the world around them transforms into a parallel world where they were meant to be all along. She’s going to show him what she showed Angela. Whiterose then pulls a gun out of the box on the desk and points it at Elliot. “All I ever wanted, Elliot, was your belief.” She tells him that he “gets to decide” and then she turns the gun to her head and pulls the trigger. She collapses on the floor.

Are You Ready to Play?

Elliot is still locked inside while the alarm continues going off. Mr. Robot appears and helps Elliot figure out how to get the code to the door—which is, hello, 0509—by picking up the light blue rotary phone on the desk. While Mr. Robot unlocks the door, Elliot pages through the Tolstoy book and finds an envelope marked “eXit” tucked inside. Whiterose had said the choice was his…so he slides the floppy disk from the envelope into the computer, launching a choose-your-own-adventure game. If Elliot makes the correct choices, he thinks he can prevent the meltdown. Things start exploding outside the room. After messing up the game once, Elliot chooses the “stay with the friend” option that finally silences the alarm. But there’s another explosion, and when Mr. Robot unlocks the door again, the hallway is filled with smoke and flames. “It’s too late, isn’t it?” he says to Elliot. They sit down, exchange “I love you’s” and after Elliot says it’s an exciting time in the world, there’s another explosion, followed by the screen going completely red.

Meanwhile, In a Parallel Universe Not Too Far From Here…

Elliot has nice furniture in his apartment, snaps his fingers to music in the shower, wears a white button down and a sweater, and—wait for it—is about to be married to Angela, who’s not only still alive, but also beaming at him from her peach-colored apartment during their video chat! And Edward Alderson is alive, too, and is Elliot’s bestie! (However, Elliot is an only child…which means that Darlene does not exist.) Elliot is the CEO of Allsafe, scheduled to pitch to the CEO of F Corp, not E Corp, who is none other than Tyrell, but an unshaven, hoodie-wearing, rumpled version of himself. And Lloyd is back! (So is Ollie, though still a tone-deaf dolt, unfortunately.) And whiterose is also alive, known to the world as Zi Zhang, the world’s richest person and biggest philanthropist. How lovely! And everything that happens has a logical, benign explanation, not a sinister meaning! But today, this day before his wedding, Elliot has a terrible headache and is glitching out a little bit. He and his dad-pal attribute it to pre-wedding jitters and so Elliot happily goes about his business leaving a sentimental surprise gift for Angela at her apartment.

It’s Like Looking in the Mirror

Other than a candid conversation with Tyrell about the best thing in their lives also being the worst thing, Elliot has a hunky-dory day. That is, until he gets back to his apartment and sees someone who looks exactly like him, but wearing a hoodie, sitting at his computer. Shocked by what he sees, Sweater Wearing Elliot asks Hoodie Elliot, “Who are you?”