S3 episode 4


Aired on November 1, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 

This brother and sister sure do have a complicated relationship. Add the fact that the brother is sort of two people and “it’s complicated” goes off the charts, as we see in this episode. For Tyrell, the bloom seems to be off the rose when it comes to his precious Elliot, while Angela is turning into a whiterose mini-me. Let’s do a deeper dive into the story behind this week’s data.

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Darlene awakens in a subway car to find her wallet is stolen and deduces that of the few people around her, a lilac-haired girl impatiently waiting by the door is, duh, the pickpocket. Darlene gets the girl to produce the wallet but all Darlene wants is the Polaroid photo of we-don’t-know-what that’s in her wallet. 

‘I guess we passed weird a long (Bleep) time ago’

We return to the moment that Elliot enters the FBI safe house, but now see that he’s in the downstairs apartment where Darlene has been staying, gathering data on who lives there. Darlene’s purple backpack is a pretty big giveaway. Dom hightails it outside to tip off Darlene before Darlene walks in the door. Putting on a voice protector device, Elliot confronts his sister. Her defense is that she hacked “him,” not Elliot, because she’s afraid of “him.” Elliot asks her to go with him (no quote marks) to his apartment so he can show her something. There, he tells her that she was right: Stage 2 has not been called off and he has the data to prove it. She calls his bluff: he could easily send in an anonymous tip to the FBI with all this information and walk away. But for some reason, he can’t let go. Darlene asks him if he can go back to that place of wanting to stop it and if so, how can they find Tyrell. The plan: Darlene will hide out in Shayla’s empty apartment and when Elliot turns into “Mr. Hyde” at night, she will follow him to Tyrell. At 1:48 am (significant?), Darlene hears Elliot leave his apartment from her hideout across the hall. She follows him outside, where she spies him talking to Angela and eventually taking off with her in a cab. 

Staff Meeting

As Irving chomps on some ribs for breakfast (hey, why not?) at Red Wheelbarrow BBQ, he informs Angela that their plan is a go on September 29th, 10 days from now. Angela is concerned about making that timeframe with these shipping delays. Having “our guy” on the inside should help speed things up, right? he counters. She doesn’t argue but wants Irving’s assurances that the building will be evacuated before they execute, but his answer is less than convincing. Before they conclude their staff meeting, she asks Irving if whiterose ever showed him…(what, we don’t know). He says yes. When she asks if he believes in it, he says anything is possible.

Fall Guy, Actually

The FBI knocks down the apartment door of a man we haven’t seen before, but looks like he could be the Iranian “origin” whiterose wanted Frank Cody to put in place for fsociety. After questioning him back at the office, Dom and her new partner from the safe house don’t see eye to eye on this new player, Mr. Nouri, even though he eventually admits that fsociety is his leader. Dom is suspicious of how easy it was to find him, and still believes there’s a connection to the Dark Army and whiterose. But her partner says whiterose is a “boogieman story for the Dark Army.” Although, she wonders, if the Dark Army did put Nouri up to this, it is strange that he didn’t kill himself in lieu of getting caught…

Enough Is Enough

At Confictura HQ, Angela tells Tyrell that she figured out that Elliot is responsible for rerouting all the paper records. Tyrell can’t take the back and forth anymore, having Elliot undo everything they’ve been working on for the past six weeks. And on top of that, Angela has agreed to an impossible new timeline! Angela calmly explains her solution: they’ll fly the west coast records to the facility and truck in the east coast ones over the weekend. In the meantime, she’ll get Elliot’s E Corp access revoked. Tyrell is not convinced that plan will work and directs his anger over at Mr. Robot, declaring that he, Tyrell, is in charge now. Mr. Robot does his classic throwing-against-the-wall-by-the-neck move but releases his grip when he starts to short circuit. Elliot reappears long enough to take in the scene until Angela plunges the syringe into him, curtailing Elliot’s return.

‘How about you buy me a drink?’

When Dom and Darlene meet up at a bar, Dom’s pissed because Darlene disappeared again except for sending one text saying that she “may have a development.” Darlene says she’s sick of a being a traitor and a social pariah, so now they’re going to do things her way. She may have a lead but needs to go it alone without a wire. Even if she gets immunity, she knows she’s going to lose her brother, so Dom owes her this.

‘Consider it done’

When Tyrell complains to Irving about Elliot and that Angela’s plan to ship paper records from 71 facilities over the weekend will draw too much attention, Irving reminds Tyrell that their boss is strict about her schedule. Seeing that Tyrell needs some stroking to get him over the finish line, Irving gives Tyrell a pep talk, which does the trick. Tyrell gets back on board as long as Irving can meet the following demands: 1) to see his baby, in person; 2) to be sent to the Ukraine, which is safe from U.S. extradition, with his wife and baby on Monday after the plan is complete; 3) the ability to engage the full force of the Dark Army in order to execute (which he doesn’t realize is actually easier to deliver on than that second item).

To keep things on track, Angela calls Price directly to get him to fire Elliot and ban his access. With that taken care of, she tells Mr. Robot that he has to stay in her apartment over the weekend to avoid any further mishaps. Then she gets a text from Irving: they’ll be ready to go on Monday.

Back to That Polaroid

Darlene packs up her stuff from Shayla’s apartment and stops in Elliot’s, where she places the Polaroid -- a photo depicting the Alderson family at Coney Island -- back on his shelf.