S1 episode 6


Aired on July 29, 2015

Elliot is given only a few moments to talk to Shayla in a diner before Vera’s henchmen, his brother Isaac and colleague DJ, drag her out. The only way Vera will let her go is if Elliot hacks the jail and gets Vera released by that night, which even for Elliot is an impossible task. Isaac and DJ bring Elliot back to his apartment and stay to keep watch over him as he works. Elliot enlists Darlene to help him get into the jail’s network, but their trick fails and she also ends up getting held by the thugs in Elliot’s apartment until he successfully completes his task. 

At the Allsafe office before work hours, Angela busily works the phones, trying to reach the lawyers who pleaded the case for the victims’ families in the Washington Township scandal. She finally gets a call back from one of them and rushes over to see her. Angela tells the lawyer, Antara Nayar, that she scoured the data dumps from the Evil Corp hack and found new evidence to help the case against them. Though Antara would love nothing more than to take down Evil Corp, she said it’s impossible without finding someone reliable who was there when the decision was made to falsify the chemical waste intel and would now be willing to testify. Angela goes to see Terry Colby at his townhouse but he doesn’t remotely recognize her and turns her away. 

Tyrell visits Scott Knowles in the Evil Corp conference room between Scott’s interviews for the CTO job. Scott knows that Tyrell is angry that he got passed over for the job but he also is aware that Tyrell came on to his wife because she told him every sordid detail. Scott tells Tyrell in no uncertain terms that he will never be CTO. At home that night, Joanna calmly points out to her raging husband that now they know that Sharon’s weak spot is that she wants to be wanted, which could be useful if they play it right. 

After going outside to divert Angela who was frantically ringing his apartment buzzer, Elliot finds Mr. Robot waiting for him in the stairwell. Mr. Robot begs Elliot to drop this whole thing, even if it means sacrificing Shayla, because it’s too risky and Elliot has a much greater calling. But Elliot won’t give up. He hatches a new plan, knowing that even if he succeeds, there’s no guarantee that he, Shayla and Darlene won’t be killed by the completely insane Vera or his men, no matter how well he plays his side of this twisted game.