S1 episode 5


Aired on July 22, 2015

Mr. Robot, Elliot, Romero and Mobley have gained access to Steel Mountain’s parking lot. Now it’s up to a nervous Elliot to pose as a tech billionaire touring the facility so he can plant the device on a thermostat. When Elliot finally manages to shrug off his tour guide, he runs right into Tyrell Wellick. Elliot bluffs about why he’s there and then quickly figures out how to use having lunch with Tyrell as a way of gaining access to the restricted floor. Then Elliot excuses himself to go to the bathroom, where he starts installing the device in the adjacent janitor closet, but Tyrell’s entrance halts his progress. Tyrell says he knows that Elliot framed Terry Colby for the Evil Corp hack, but he believes Elliot did so as revenge for his father’s death, which lessens Tyrell’s opinion of him. After saying that he isn’t going to bother to turn him in, Tyrell leaves, giving Elliot the precious chance he needs to finish the job. 

Angela breaks up with Ollie and moves out of their apartment, but not before telling him that she infected Allsafe’s network with the hacker’s CD using his work ID and his computer. When she arrives at her dad’s house in New Jersey, he sweetly offers her some money to help her until she gets back on her feet. That night, however, she upsettingly discovers stacks of her father’s unpaid bills, many of which are owed to Evil Corp. Now what? 

Tyrell and his wife Joanna have arranged to have dinner with the Evil Corp CTO candidate and his wife, Scott and Sharon Knowles, at the other couple’s apartment. Tyrell tells Scott that he knows he’s been tapped by Evil Corp to be their next CTO and lobbies to be considered as Scott’s new right-hand man, even though Scott makes it clear that he doesn’t trust Tyrell. After dinner, Tyrell makes Sharon think that he’s seducing her but when she acquiesces, Tyrell leaves her hanging. 

When Darlene communicates to the Dark Army that she’s ready for them to run their script to destroy the backup data, they unexpectedly shut down her request and cut off communication with her. She tracks down her ex Cisco who tells her that the Dark Army was out before her crew ever got to Steel Mountain but he doesn’t know why. When the guys return to the arcade, Darlene tells them she lost China. She is hell bent on going forward with taking down Steel Mountain anyway but Mr. Robot argues it will blow their chance to achieve their bigger goal. Elliot helps calm her and she backs down. Knowing that she’s upset, he offers for her to crash at his place. When they get there, Shayla’s door is open and the dog is barking but there’s no sign of Shayla. Her cell phone rings and it’s Fernando Vera who says that even though he is locked away, the universe has brought Elliot right to him.