S1 episode 10


Aired on September 2, 2015

Elliot wakes up in Tyrell’s SUV in a Manhattan parking lot. He’s been asleep inside for two days and has no memory of how he got there or what happened to Tyrell since he brought him to the fsociety arcade. As Elliot makes his way through the city, he realizes that the fsociety plan was executed. Credit card systems are no longer working but everyone’s debt has been erased. Governments and corporations the world over are dealing with the fallout from the hack while people are celebrating fsociety and their newfound freedom in the streets.

Meanwhile, Angela has taken the job Terry Colby offered her at Evil Corp in the PR department but every part of the conglomerate has been thrown into chaos by the hack. The company has been scrambling to recover their data but the possibility of doing so is so bleak that the acting EVP of Technology shoots himself during an interview on live television just a few feet away from Angela. The shocking incident brings her to the attention of Evil Corp’s CEO, Phillip Price, who takes the time to talk to her in the midst of the crisis. She seems to be both impressed and repulsed by him. Will she lose sight of her goal of changing the world from within and become one of them? Or is she realizing that her objective may be futile?

Still dazed, Elliot arrives at the arcade but the team is not happy. Darlene has been looking for him for two days and everyone else is pissed that Elliot executed solo, not together as they had planned. But Elliot’s mind is elsewhere because he still can’t piece together what happened to Tyrell. He’s also disillusioned by the reality of their revolution. Why isn’t he enjoying this? This isn’t what he pictured. Why didn’t Tyrell try to stop him? When Elliot sees the fsociety masked man declare victory in a video, he suddenly realizes that he’s been the masked man all along. He can no longer blame Mr. Robot for all of this—because he is Mr. Robot. And there doesn’t seem to be anything he can do about it other than go home and enjoy the “beautiful carnage” they have created.