Pilot Error
S3 episode 7 Aired on May 15, 2016

Warning: Contains Spoilers

The Killer: Brad Calgrove, a pilot

The Victim: Chelsea Richmond, a perfectionist pastry chef with a secret past  

The discovery: Chelsea is found in a freezer. She has been hit in the head and put in the freezer alive, but freezes to death while unconscious.

Background: Brad appears to be a man of many ladies. On a trip to Shanghai, he grabs drinks with his pilot, Captain Bridgette Binton, and she kisses him. The next morning he mentions his girlfriend and they don’t discuss the night before.

Brad and Chelsea meet on another plane, where nice guy Brad talks Chelsea through a patch of turbulence.

Chelsea is new to town and renting a house where she makes herself at home, changing the bedding and even painting the temporary rental. She is fired from her most recent job two months before her death after having problems with her manager.

One morning Chelsea calls Brad at the home he shares with his fiancé Nicole, wishing him a happy birthday. He awkwardly gets off the phone as fast as possible and cancels his landline shortly thereafter.

Nicole’s business partner Rachel is suspicious of Brad, and protective of Nicole after a past boyfriend cheated on her. Rachel thinks Brad is just with Nicole for her money.

The investigation: Angie and Vega try to make sense of Chelsea’s lack of local ties. She recently left a good job in Florida for a so-so one in town. They find a bridal shop in Chelsea’s phone records and learn she was paying installments a wedding dress. She was also going to bridal boot camp with another woman who broke her arm three weeks ago – Nicole.

The heat is turned up for Brad when he gets an invitation to his own wedding – his wedding to Chelsea at the house he shares with Nicole. He’s on the phone angrily canceling his wedding registry and asking to be erased from the company’s system when Angie and Vega arrive.

He denies knowing Chelsea but is so unconvincing that Angie and Vega leave knowing he’s their guy. He claims the night Chelsea was killed he was at Nicole’s bedside in the hospital after Nicole’s arm was broken in a mugging.

Sgt. Mark Cross and Det. Brian Lucas interview Captain Binton, who says she hit on Brad in Shanghai but he turned her down. She says he’s in love with his fiancé.

Rachel tells a different story -- she thinks Brad took back the first ring he gave Nicole and sold it. She also says Brad was not at the hospital from at least 8 to 11 p.m. the night of the murder.

The parking lot surveillance footage shows it was a woman who attacked Nicole, possibly Chelsea.

At their house, Nicole is full of doubt and calls things off with Brad, making him angry.

When Cross finds an old passenger manifest showing Brad sat next to Chelsea on a flight to Florida they get a warrant to go back to his house. They find the same rare bottle of wine that was at Chelsea’s place.

The detectives get a tip from Florida that seems like it’s going to be the nail in the coffin for Brad, but instead we learn Chelsea has a history of stalking. She invented the entire relationship with Brad and he hid it from Nicole because he knew about her trust issues. Poor (killer) Brad. 

The motive: The night Nicole is attacked, Brad gets a call from Chelsea on Nicole’s stolen cell phone and goes to confront Chelsea. He finds her wearing Nicole’s original wedding ring and realizes Chelsea broke into his house and stole it -- and the wine. She prepared a fancy dinner expecting him after her attack on Nicole, but he yells at her to stay out of his life. She picks up a knife and turns on him. She charges at him and he grabs a wine bottle to defend himself. He hits her on the head, and it looks like she’s dead. He then takes off her ring and gets plastic wrap.

He insists to the detectives that it was self-defense, but hiding evidence ruins that defense. 

Side investigation: Maria Snow is upset that Neville Montgomery might get away with murder, but even more upset when her fiancé Robert tells her about his father’s reaction to Angie’s investigation. Neville Montgomery is determined to find the mole in his organization.

Someone trails Angie and Vega, taking pictures.

Also: Vega tells Cross he has a condition and is on medication. He gives Cross a note from his doctor, but doesn’t share with Angie when she asks (and asks). Whatever is going on with him, he doesn’t want Angie to know.