The Glass House
S3 episode 4 Aired on April 22, 2016

The Killer: Wayne Little, a carpenter with a personal motivation to get close to the Glass family. 

The Victim: Peter Glass, a cyber security consultant and overprotective father who keeps his family on a very short leash. 

The Family: Peter Glass is married to Olivia, and together they have a daughter, 16-year-old Sophie. Olivia rarely interacts with her friends or neighbors, because as one put it, Peter doesn’t get along with anyone, so they seldom socialized. 

Peter also doesn’t really trust his daughter or his wife. He prevents Sophie from carrying a cell phone with her, and makes sure that comes home by an early curfew. He doesn’t approve of Sophie’s boyfriend, and he receives his first formal reprimand at work for running a background check on him. 

Peter’s relationship with his wife, Olivia, isn’t much better, and he’s never been comfortable with her budding friendship with Wayne, the family’s handyman, who’s building a deck for them. 

The Discovery: Peter’s dismembered body is found in the woods, and Dr. Rogers is able to determine the type of powerful saw that has been used in the murder. The detectives know then that they need to find someone with access to serious power tools – and an ability to use them. 

The Attempted Escape: Once Olivia realizes that she looks like a suspect, she orders Sophie to pack and leave the house. Sophie sneaks out her window and calls Wayne for a ride. In the car with the handyman, Sophie realizes that something is and she escapes… again.  

The Crime: Peter flies into a blind rage when he returns home one night to find Wayne hanging out with Sophie and Olivia on the new deck, gazing at the stars. Peter kicks him out of their home, warning him to stay away from his family and to never return. Later, Peter visits Wayne and they immediately get into a fight about Sophie. 

After being warned to stay away from Sophie, Wayne asks Peter how Sophie got the scar above her lip. Peter says that she fell, but that answer isn’t sufficient for Wayne, who then tells the story of how baby Sophie fell out of her high chair and cut her lip, proving that Wayne is Sophie’s actual father. Peter fights back, saying that Sophie is his daughter, but Wayne tells him “You took my girl,” before hitting him over the head with a hammer. 

The Motive: Wayne is the biological father of Sophie, and he has never rested in trying to find his long-lost daughter. He has kept a book of photos of young girls in his workshop, which the detectives realize are an age progression of his daughter so he’d know what to look for. By getting close to Sophie and earning her trust, and getting rid of Peter, Wayne hopes to reunite his family. 

The Reunion: Because Sophie had really grown up with the Glass family, she doesn’t recognize Wayne as her father. When Sophie meets Wayne’s wife, her biological mother, she doesn’t recognize her either until she gives Sophie her beloved baby blanket, nicknamed Cozy.