Wire, Wire, Pants On Fire
S7 episode 7 Aired on July 2, 2019

The prospect of getting braces kicks Grayson’s worry engine into overdrive, leaving Todd and Julie to fret over how much information to share with their anxious boy. Meanwhile, Chase wants to join Faye’s country club, but Faye has other ideas. It’s all here in our guide to Chirsley Knows Best episode 707, “Wire, Wire, Pants on Fire.” 


Grayson’s getting braces, and the prospect has him all worked up (Grayson’s a worrier, like Todd). Of course, it doesn’t help that Savannah is filling his head with all sorts of painful ideas about life with braces. So when Julie gets a call with news that Grayson will also need a palette expander, they decide to keep it under their hats for Grayson’s own good - what he doesn’t know won’t keep him up at night. Savannah and Chase call it lying; Todd and Julie just call it parenting. 


Chase tries to sweet talk his Nanny into recommending him for a membership at her country club, since he thinks doing business on the golf course will be a good look. But Faye is hesitant; she tells Chase he’d be better off saving his money. Chase finds it a little strange that his Nanny is giving him some push back, but he has no intention of giving up that easily, and he shows up at the club with cold champagne to try to woo the members of Faye’s poker game (who also happen to be members of the board).


Todd and Julie’s plan works out; Grayson learns about his palette expander only moments before it’s in his mouth, leaving him little time to work himself into a worry spiral. Todd and Julie think they’ve pulled off the perfect crime, but Savannah blows up their spot back at home. Grayson is definitely not happy to learn his parents hid the truth from him. Todd and Julie realize they have to let their boy grow up a little, even if it means letting Grayson get worked up sometimes.


Chase sets up a tee time with the ladies on the club board, hoping to do some schmoozing to solidify his membership chances. But when he arrives at the course, only Faye is waiting; see, she still thinks it’s a bad idea for Chase to join the club, so she blew up his meeting. Chase is pretty upset that his Nanny sabotaged his chances with the board - he always has her back through thick and thin, why won’t she do the same for him? Faye realizes it’s not for her to decide what Chase does with his money, and after apologizing (and promising to be Ride or Die from now on) she sets up another meeting with the board for him.