Todd Man Out
S7 episode 5 Aired on June 18, 2019

Everyone loves Savannah’s new hairstylist/BFF, Chadd. Everyone, that is, except Todd. Meanwhile, Todd’s decision to buy a pet fish for Chloe creates drama in the house. It’s all here in our rundown of Chrisley Knows Best episode 705, “Todd Man Out.” 

Chloe’s New Pet

Todd takes Chloe shopping for a pet fish. He’s pretty sure it will teach her about responsibility and he’s DEFINITELY sure it will make her happy, and Todd loves to make his little Chlo-bug happy. Chloe names the fish ‘Bones’ and they get him set up with all the amenities a fish could want, but Julie isn’t happy to see Todd bring another pet into the house when he knows damn well that they’ll end up being the ones who have to take care of it. Todd promises that Julie won’t have to lift a finger; he will take care of Bones.

Todd’s Beef with Sassy’s New BFF

Todd doesn’t see what’s so great about Savannah’s new hairstylist/BFF, Chadd. Why are Savannah and Julie ditching him to go shopping and dining with Chadd? Why is everyone at the nail salon laughing at Chadd’s jokes and treating Todd like the third wheel? What’s so great about Chadd?!!! Todd finally explodes when Savannah cuts him off mid-sentence to take a call from Chadd. Is Todd jealous? Very.

Bones Swims with the Fishes

The Chadd situation has Todd all worked up, so he goes to the one place he can get some attention: Bones. Unfortunately, Todd ends up overfeeding the fish, and Bones croaks! Todd would rather buy a new fish and pretend nothing happened than break Chloe’s heart, but Julie insists that they teach Chloe a REAL lesson about responsibility and tell her the truth. And since Todd said he would take care of the fish, he’ll have to be the one to break the news. Chloe takes the news in stride, but Todd takes things one step further and promises to throw a huge celebration of life for Bones.

Hi to Chadd and Bye to Bones

Julie hopes that Todd getting to know Chadd better will help him realize what a great guy Chadd is (and hopefully help to ease some of Todd’s pent-up tension). Todd grudgingly agrees to accompany Julie to get his hair cut and soon starts to warm up to Chadd -- maybe he’s not so bad? Later, the family gathers for a moving celebration of the life of Bones that is totally over the top, and totally Chrisley. R.I.P. Bones!