Beanbags & Bullies
S7 episode 25 Aired on November 14, 2019

This week, Faye needs some help to beat the competition in a seniors cornhole tournament. Meanwhile, Todd and Julie take decidedly different approaches when they learn Chloe is being teased for having curly hair. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 725, “BEANBAGS & BULLIES.” 


Faye’s basketball team is holding a cornhole tournament, and while normally Chase would be her go-to teammate for this sort of thing, he’s going to have to sit this one out; the tournament is for seniors only. Faye taps Frances to be her partner for this one, but after Chase gives Faye and Frances a crash course in the finer points of cornhole it becomes pretty apparent that Frances just ain’t getting it. Nanny kicks her sister to the curb and sets her sights on the only other available Chrisley who makes the over-50 age cutoff: Todd. It turns out that when it comes to cornhole, Todd is a natural. But he really isn’t interested in getting involved. That is, until Faye begs. Never underestimate the power of a mother’s guilt - Todd is in! 


An innocent trip to the salon comes to a screeching halt when it comes out that Chloe’s being picked on at school for her curly hair. Julie and Savannah are heart broken, and when word gets back to Todd he’s ready to bust some knee caps - no one bullies his Chlo-bug! Julie thinks they need to handle this with a level head but Todd thinks they need to show Chloe the fine art of smacking a b!%#, so he and Savannah take Chloe to get a cake pop and teach her that when she’s dealing with bullies, the best thing she can do is clap back. Pretty soon Chloe is ready to throw shade like a pro and Todd and Savannah are high-fiving over a job well done. 


Todd and Faye haggle over what costumes they are going to wear to the tournament - Faye is thinking cows, but Todd has his own opinions. But Chase pulls rank on both of them as coach, and when the day of the tournament arrives Faye and Todd show up decked out in gold from head to toe. Properly blinged out, Faye and Todd commence to smoke the competition, draining toss after toss to secure a place in the finals. But while they have the look and they have the confidence, their competition is no slouch, and after a neck and neck battle they wind up losing. Faye is pretty happy with her showing, though, and Todd announces he’s all in for next year - he wants that big trophy!


Julie’s got beef with Todd and Savannah; it turns out that Chloe got into trouble at school after she clapped back a little too hard at her bullies! Julie appreciates that Todd is fired up about protecting Chloe, but she thinks they should be teaching their granddaughter a lesson about proper conflict resolution, not creating a little bully of their own. Todd sees the wisdom in Julie’s words, so he and Julie sit Chloe down for another talk, this time about rising above bullies while still sticking up for herself. To drive the message home, Todd and Chloe create some anti-bullying buttons and make a plan to talk to her class about bullying.

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