Young St. Nic
S7 episode 11 Aired on July 30, 2019

Nic is planning on popping the question on Christmas Eve, and Todd wants to make sure it’s a proposal to remember. Can they pull it off? Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 711, “Young St. Nic.”


Julie and Todd get a surprise call from Nic - he’s planning on proposing to Savannah and he wants their blessing. OMG, it’s happening!!!!!! Julie and Todd happily give Nic their endorsement. Nic wants to propose to Savannah on Christmas eve, when both families will be together. Julie is a little worried that with so many people coming to stay, a proposal might makes things too crazy, but Todd tells Nic not to worry; he’s got this.


After announcing Nic’s intentions to the rest of the family (and reminding them not to blab), Todd gets to work strategizing for the big moment. See, Todd has already been planning this in his mind for, like, ever, and he figures that Nic will benefit from his wisdom. Julie reminds him not to go overboard, but Todd will be Todd, and before long he’s talking about horse drawn carriages and hiring carolers to add some festive cheer to the gazebo.


Chase keeps borrowing Julie’s car without asking (he likes to switch up his ride), and Julie’s getting sick of it! The final straw comes when Chase returns the car on empty and Julie and Faye run out of gas during their Christmas shopping run. Julie and Faye are forced to walk home, and Julie has some choice words or her boy along with some new rules governing her car.


Christmas Eve arrives, and Nic isn’t the only one who’s nervous; playing host while making sure that everything is in place for the proposal has Todd and Julie sweating bullets. Julie makes up a reason to get Savannah out of the house so that everyone can get in position. They return to find the house empty, and when Savannah heads out to the gazebo she sees Nic surrounded by family and friends (no carolers though; Julie squashed that one). Nic gets down on one knee and proposes, and Savannah happily says yes! It’s the Christmas gift everyone wanted.