Diplomatic Immunity
S6 episode 23 Aired on December 11, 2018

When a work commitment sends Julie away, Todd must take over her duties for Chloe’s graduation. Meanwhile, Savannah has her eye on a new job, but first she has to impress the boss: her dad! Check out our rundown of Chrisley Knows Best episode 623, “Diplomatic Immunity.”

Graduation Complication

Todd and Julie have a major scheduling snafu on their hands when they learn that Chloe’s pre-school graduation is taking place the same weekend that the family is booked to be at the Miss Teen and Miss USA pageants in Louisiana! The only way they can make it work is by splitting up -- Todd will stay behind for Chloe’s graduation (and take Julie’s place on the graduation planning committee) while Julie and Savannah will head to Louisiana. Julie is wracked with guilt to be missing Chloe’s special day (and it doesn’t help that Todd sort of rubs it in), but business is business.

Todd Dreams Big

Todd has some big ideas about how to take the graduation ceremony to the next level: we’re talking clowns, ponies, commencement speeches, after-parties… Unfortunately, the graduation committee (and Nanny Faye) don’t see things his way -- this is pre-school after all. Todd regrets their lack of vision and lets them know he’ll write the speech anyway.

Savannah Aims High

The Chrisleys will be taking over the California arm of the pageants soon, and Savannah is angling for the program director gig. She thinks she’s got what it takes -- minus the experience, of course. But Todd isn’t ready to just hand over the job on a silver platter to Savannah, he needs to know she can handle the position. Plus, he has a sneaking suspicion that her interest in the gig has less to do with climbing the ladder and more to do with the fact that Nic lives California.

It All Comes Together

While Todd subjects the family to his speech-in-progress, Julie fusses over Chloe’s graduation wardrobe. Faye thinks they are going too far spoiling Chloe, and she puts her foot down; the girl knows she is loved, and that’s what’s important. Todd and Julie see the light and agree to take it easy (Todd agrees to ditch the speech but he isn’t 100% giving up on ponies). Meanwhile, Savannah does such a good job prepping for the pageant that Julie is able to come home to catch Chloe’s graduation. Everyone is thrilled to celebrate Chloe’s big day, and Todd is so impressed by Savannah’s professionalism that he decides to give her the California job!