The Perfect Equation
S6 episode 21 Aired on December 4, 2018

This week, the family does their best to get Grayson interested in math. Meanwhile, Todd has some big questions for Savannah’s new boyfriend. It’s all here in our rundown for Chrisley Knows Best episode 621, “The Perfect Equation.”

Grayson’s Math Misery

Grayson’s middle school placement exam is coming up, and Julie’s at her wits end trying to get her boy to study math. See, Grayson’s convinced he won’t need numbers, since he’s going to be a professional athlete and all. Todd’s reaction to that is: hell to the naw. Todd doubles down on the math drills, Todd-style, but Grayson isn’t into his dad’s critical comments. When Savannah suggests Todd take a less negative approach to teaching, Todd happily hands the responsibility off to her and Chase.

Todd’s Intentions for Savannah’s New BF

Savannah’s new boyfriend Nic is coming to town for the summer… or maybe longer? They haven’t really worked it out yet. While Savannah and Nic may not have all the details ironed out, Todd is definite about the fact that he’s going to get to know the new suitor in his daughter’s life. And if we know Todd, it’s not going to be pretty.

Teaching Grayson

Savannah and Chase do their best to try to get Grayson on the math train, but try as they might -- they just can’t get their brother to engage. That is, until they realize that they can get Grayson’s attention by incorporating sports into their lessons. Suddenly it’s a whole new ball game. Grayson is focused and committed to the numbers, and he winds up passing his math placement test. Way to go, Gray!  And way to go, Savannah and Chase!

Interrogation, Todd-Style

Todd takes Nic out for some man-to-man time. Of course, this being Todd, their man-to-man time consists of clothes-shopping, with Chase in tow. Todd runs Nic through the ringer, making him try on new clothes while subjecting him to probing questions about his intentions for Savannah. Credit where it’s due, Nic rolls with the punches. And when Todd disappears when it comes time to pay (a test, to make sure his daughter isn’t dating a freeloader), Nic doesn’t hesitate to pull out his own card. Later, Todd and Savannah have a heart to heart, and Todd lets it be known that he thinks Nic is a good guy… but that he’ll always have his daughter’s back if she wants to cut and run!

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