Spoiled Sports
S6 episode 20 Aired on November 28, 2018

Todd’s bad attitude nearly takes the fun out of Grayson’s birthday trip to Universal Orlando. Meanwhile, Julie worries that Chloe has inherited the Chrisley competitive gene. Check out the full rundown in our guide to Chirsley Knows Best episode 620, “Spoiled Sports.” 


Grayson gets bummed when he learns that his birthday trip to Universal Orlando is getting postponed in favor of Chloe’s first horse show. Chase can commiserate - he’s used to playing second fiddle to Savannah - and he offers to take Grayson to Orlando himself so that his baby bro doesn’t have to miss out on the b-day he deserves. Todd, for one, thinks it’s a pretty good idea (it gets him out of roller coaster duty, you see). But Julie isn’t buying what they’re selling; the only way she’s letting Grayson and Chase go is if Todd goes, too. Pack your sun screen, Todd; you’re headed to Orlando!


Julie worries that Chloe has learned all the wrong things about winning and losing from her family, and with the horse competition coming up she wants to make sure that her little Chlo-bug understands that there is more to competing than taking home the gold. Hoping to teach a lesson about sportsmanship, Julie enlists Chloe to help her stuff goody bags to be given out to her fellow riders. And her lesson pays off when the day of the competition rolls around - not only does Chloe perform well and take home 2nd place, she also has fun giving out the goody bags!


Grayson is pumped to hit the park, but Todd’s still sore that he got roped into the trip and his bad attitude takes the fun out of everything - first he cuts their park time short after he gets wet, then he makes Grayson sit with him by the pool so he can relax. But Chase isn’t about to let his dad rain on Grayson’s parade, and he hits Todd with a little hard truth about being a good sport. Chase’s wise words snap todd out of his selfish daze (Todd is pretty proud of Chase!), and he splurges on the VIP experience - no lines for his boys today. Just like that, Todd goes from zero to hero, and Grayson’s birthday is saved!

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