Ride or Die
S6 episode 13 Aired on July 24, 2018

Hey Chrisley fans, it was all hands on deck this week as the entire family searched for a way to combat Julie’s rising stress levels. Meanwhile, Chase promises to teach Faye to ride a bike. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 613, “Ride Or Die.” 

Faye’s Ambitions as a Rider

Todd and Julie surprise Chloe with a new bike, and seeing her great-granddaughter peddling around has Faye wishing she had learned to ride. Chase tells her it’s never too late to learn; he’ll teach her! Todd doesn’t like the idea of his 73-year-old mother getting up on two wheels for the first time, but Chase is determined to prove that Faye can do anything. However, their first time out is a little too daunting for Faye, who gives up. Maybe riding a bike isn’t for her.

Julie’s Blood Is Boiling

Julie has had it up to here!  All the little things she has to do for everyone have been adding up to one big headache, and Todd is never any help. When Todd springs a last-minute dinner on Julie to welcome their friend Bill to town, she has a fit -- taking all her stress out on Todd and the kids. Seems like someone needs to do something to manage Julie’s stress, and they need to do it now!

Three Wheels Are Better Than Two

Chase isn’t ready to give up on Faye’s bike dreams just yet, and he thinks he has the perfect solution: if two wheels are too daunting, what about three wheels? An adult tricycle proves to be just the thing to get Faye cruising… slowly anyway, but still cruising.

The Solution to Julie’s Stress Problem

Chase brings his mom to a rage room to bash away her stress, and while Julie isn’t so sure about the whole thing at first, she soon finds all the smashing to be very therapeutic. But the calming effect is quickly undone when Savannah calls to ask Julie to bring Grayson his baseball cleats, leaving Julie just as angry as ever. Todd realizes they need to come up with a more permanent solution to lighten Julie’s load (and lower her blood pressure), so he hires Bill to be her personal assistant. Julie isn’t so sure at first -- she loves Bill and all, but he also kind of drives her crazy -- but the arrangement turns out to be just the thing she needed!

The Family Rides Together

All the Chrisleys gather at the park for a little family fun bike ride. Julie is happy that Bill shrunk her to-do list so that she has enough time for the outing, and Chloe’s bike-riding is progressing nicely. Todd’s jaw drops when Faye rolls up on her adult three-wheeler -- looks like Chase and Faye proved him wrong. He should have known that Faye’s gonna do what Faye’s gonna do.