Baking Up is Hard to Do
S6 episode 11 Aired on July 10, 2018

Julie is feeling the pressure when she’s tapped to supply desserts for the grand opening of a hotly anticipated restaurant, but Todd’s attempt to be supportive backfires. Meanwhile, an insensitive remark leaves Chase scrambling to get back on his Savannah’s good side. We’ve got the full rundown for the latest episode of Chrisley Knows Best, “Baking Up Is Hard to Do.”

Chase Makes a Fraternal Faux Pas

Chase hits a raw nerve when he shows Savannah a picture of her ex with another girl, so Todd suggests that Chase do something nice to make it up to his sister, and fast. Chase thinks picking up the tab for his Savannah’s dinner with her gal pal Collins will be the way to get back on his sister’s good side, but Grayson suggests they go one step further by making it seem like a secret admirer is sending the ladies dessert -- Savannah will love the attention and feel special. Heck, Grayson will even write a poem to put their gesture over the top! What can go wrong?

Todd Is Messing Up Julie’s Big Bake

The Brothers Burger are stepping up to a brick and mortar restaurant, and they want Julie supplying sweet treats at their grand opening like she did for their food truck. Julie’s excited, but she’s also getting nervous, especially after the chefs taste her newest creations and decide to double their order. Todd promises he’ll be a lot more supportive than last time (that’s a low bar, Todd) but his eager-to-please attitude doesn’t make him any more helpful in the kitchen, and he and the boys nearly push Julie to a blow up.

Chase Makes It Up to Savannah (Eventually)

Savannah enjoys the chance to open up about her feelings with Collins, but Grayson’s dessert idea goes over like a lead balloon -- it just feels creepy! Savannah doesn’t want attention from some secret admirer, fictional or otherwise, to make her feel special; she just wants to feel good about herself without any guy in the picture. Chase agrees to go to a mood painting class with Savannah and Collins, and they finally come to an understanding.

Todd Comes Through

Todd realizes he needs to make good on his promise to be supportive to Julie, and he needs to do it fast, so he finds Julie a commercial kitchen where she can get all of her baking done without interruptions from any outsiders (well-meaning or otherwise). It’s just what Julie needed! Her desserts wind up being a huge hit at the grand opening, and she’s grateful for all the support her family. Yay!