No Men for Old Country
S6 episode 10 Aired on July 3, 2018

This week, Todd and Jay struggle to prove their manliness. Meanwhile, Chase tries to bond with Chloe. It’s all in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 610, “No Men for Old Country.” 

Todd’s Manliness Is Questioned

The Chrisleys are going on rustic weekend getaway with the DeMarcus clan. Well, rustic luxe -- they’re hardly roughing it. And it’s a good thing, too, because after watching Todd and Jay try to light a fire, Julie and Allison are pretty sure their men are the least outdoorsy guys around. Todd and Jay won’t take this assault against their masculinity lying down, so they make it their mission to prove their manliness to the ladies. Meanwhile, Chase thinks Chloe is acting spoiled, but everyone else starts to think he’s the one that’s acting like a five year old.

Todd and Jay Miss the Manly Mark

The next day, Todd and Jay accompany Grayson to archery lessons while Julie and Allison take the massages that the guys had booked for themselves (we see what you did there, ladies!). But while Grayson hits the target, Jay and Todd shoot nothing but air. Not ready to throw in the testosterone towel, Jay and Todd go meat shopping for a beefy BBQ feast that will surely prove their manly worth. Meanwhile, Chase decides a royal carriage ride and picnic will help him bond with Chloe, so he comes along to pick up some pink frosted cupcakes to make the affair more princess-y.

The Guys Come Through

Chase takes the kids (and Faye) on the carriage ride of their dreams. Chloe is in princess heaven after she catches site of the picnic set up, and after Chase stuffs her with pink cupcakes it seems safe to say that these two are on solid ground again. Meanwhile, Todd and Jay crank up the heat on the grill, and while the ladies are skeptical, everything turns out delicious -- looks like these guys aren’t all talk after all!