Pitch Perfection
S5 episode 22 Aired on November 30, 2017

This week, Grayson pitches his parents on a new business idea, while Todd pushes his family too far in pursuit of the trophy in the annual Nashville Fatherhood Games. Check out our recap of Chrisley Knows Best episode 522, “Pitch Perfection.”

Grayson the Gamer

Grayson wants to start his own Youtube channel for gaming, but he needs about five hundred bucks to launch his new venture. Todd has always been clear that he’s more than happy to hear business proposals from his kids, so Grayson gets to work crafting a video presentation with Chase and Savannah’s help. The problem is, Savannah interjects too much instead of letting Grayson do his thing, and Chase gets a little too artistic with the camera work. Maybe Gray should have handled this on his own?

Todd’s Father’s Day Present

The Chrisleys are going to be competing against their old friends the Rawlings in the annual Nashville Fatherhood Games over Father’s Day weekend, and Todd makes it known that the only Dad’s Day present he wants this year is a W (Todd is still a teensy bit sore about his loss in the last Rawlings Family Field Day). But Todd pushes the family too far in the name of training for the competition, and when everyone quits on him he realizes he has to -- gulp! -- apologize in the name of family solidarity.

Grayson Takes Care of Business

Savannah feels bad about hijacking Grayson’s presentation so she takes him to a video game store to do some market analysis. Later, Chase helps Grayson get his mind (and his look) right before the big pitch by teaching him his pre-presentation ritual: lighting a candle; shaving; and doing his hair. Smooth-faced, freshly coiffed, and wearing his best suit, Grayson gives a confident pitch to Todd and the rest of the family. How can they say no? Todd coughs up the five hundred bucks and wishes Grayson well on his new undertaking. Good luck, Gray!

Game On!

The day of the Fatherhood Games arrives and the pressure is stifling. Todd is feeling confident but the competition is fierce, and the games end in a tie. This can only mean one thing -- sudden death! Chase and Grayson take the field for a three-legged race to determine the winner of the games, and this time there’s no stopping them. The Chrisleys win! Todd gleefully accepts the trophy from Bill Rawlings (with, we have to say, only a minimal amount of gloating). It’s the gift he was dreaming of -- Happy Father’s Day, Todd!

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