Tantrums and Tiaras
S5 episode 17 Aired on November 2, 2017

The family heads to the Volcano Bay waterpark at Universal Studios Orlando, but there’s trouble in the water when they try to mix business with pleasure. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 517, “Tantrums and Tiaras”, for the full scoop! 

The Chrisleys Take Orlando

The Chrisleys are headed down to the Volcano Bay water park at Universal Studios Orlando! Grayson, for one, could not be more excited, but this trip isn’t all pleasure -- Todd and Julie are taking over as directors for the Miss Florida USA pageant and this will be their opportunity to meet some of their new colleagues. Look out, Orlando; here come the Chrisleys!

Todd and Julie Try to Balance Business with Pleasure

While the family checks into their beautiful hotel (Grayson can’t believe he’ll have to wait another whole day before hitting the water park), Todd and Julie meet with Robin, the special events executive in charge of helping them transition into their new role. It turns out that their first act as the new directors will be to make a video to let people know who they are, and the crew is ready to shoot tomorrow. Looks like the kids will have to hit the water park without them; so much for family fun time!

Todd and Julie at an Impasse

Grayson and Savannah get wet at the waterpark, but Chase shirks his brotherly duties and relaxes with Faye in the cabana. Meanwhile, Todd and Julie try to prep for the video shoot but they can’t seem to agree on an approach: Julie wants to keep it real, while Todd wants to take things over the top (as usual). With neither side budging, it looks like the only way they will find a solution is to call in the only Chrisley with real pageant experience -- Savannah!

Savannah to the Rescue!

Savannah has to deal with her parents dilemma, which means Chase has to get off his butt and take Grayson back to the water park. And you know what? They have a great time together! Meanwhile, Savannah convinces Todd to ditch the props and keep it real, which for him means making it a family affair. Later, the entire clan gathers to shoot a video that is warm, welcoming, a little nutty, and 100% Chrisley. They took care of business, AND got their family time -- mission accomplished!