Remission Control
S5 episode 12 Aired on October 3, 2017

The family forms a bowling league, while Julie agonizes over an important medical screening. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 512, “Remission Control.”

 The Chrisleys Have Their Minds in the Gutter

Faye’s discovery of a bowling ball at the thrift store sparks the ol' Chrisley competitive spirit, and before you can say “turkey,” the family starts dividing up into teams and getting ready to throw down on the lanes. The smack-talk really starts to slow when Faye suggests they should make it interesting to the tune of one hundred bucks per team, winner take all -- after all, it’s the Chrisley way!

 Julie’s Big Check Up

Julie is coming up on five years cancer-free, but with her next screening coming up, she’s starting to get nervous. Sure, she’s been cancer-free so far, but…what if? Sensing his lady needs support, Todd tries to keep it optimistic and charges the rest of the family to put together a little party for their matriarch.

Good News!

The day of Julie’s appointment arrives, and there’s nothing but good news -- Julie’s officially in remission! Meanwhile, the rest of the family swings their party planning into high gear. Faye, Francis, and Lindsie get goofy at the party supply store, while Chase and Savannah decide the botanical garden will be the perfect venue. Chase puts a non-refundable deposit down, but he should have checked the weather because the forecast calls for rain. Luckily, Chase works it out and books a restaurant where the whole family can celebrate Julie’s good health and stay dry. Congratulations, Julie!

Rumble at the Alley

The family gets geared up for the first Chrisley Family Bowling Tournament, and the smack talk is fierce, even if the competition isn’t. Chase and Savannah get out to an early lead, but it isn’t long before Faye and Francis begin to pull away from the pack with their slow-rolling style, and they eventually take the pot! In the end, Faye decides to donate her winnings to a worthy breast cancer charity. But her bragging rights? She’s going to flex those for as long as she can. After all, it’s the Chrisley way!