Go Flip Yourself
S4 episode 19 Aired on September 27, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Flipping Out

Have you heard the one about Chase’s latest scheme? He’s going to flip his grandfather’s old house! Along with his buddy Parker! What could go wrong?! Probably a lot. Todd offers to point the young men in the right direction, but Chase wants to handle this one on his own. That means demolition, rebuilding, painting -- all of it. Todd is proud of his son’s ambition, but he’ll be even prouder if the kid actually pulls this off.

Men Will Be Boys

Chase and Parker aren’t the only boys up to no good: Todd’s childhood friend Bill is in town, and when these two get together it usually means a headache for Julie. No sooner does Bill walk through the door than the two grown men revert to teenage status and start salting Julie’s strawberries, Saran-Wrapping her kitchen drawers, and generally getting up to adolescent shenanigans. Julie really can’t even, so she ditches the guys to go hang with Savannah and tells them they can make their own damn dinner.

Demolition Disaster

Chase and Parker go to the hardware store to pick up some tools, then head over to the house to get to work. It’s sure fun to swing the sledgehammers around but they quickly get the feeling they’re in over their heads, and they haven’t even begun to think about who is going to put everything back together once they rip it all out. After a day of splattering paint and wood splinters, Chase tucks his tail between his legs and asks his dad for a little help. But only a little!

Dragging Out an Apology

Julie is still steamed at Todd and Bill, so Savannah decides to take her out for a girls night. Drag Queen Bingo! Sounds like fun to Julie, and it’s bingo so you know Faye is in. Meanwhile, Todd starts to feel a little bad for his naughty behavior. To show his beloved Julie how far he’ll go to make it up to her, he and Bill get done up to the nines in the finest dresses and feather boas they can find and make a surprise appearance at Drag Queen Bingo. Julie, for one, is tickled. And the guys don’t look half bad in heels!

Chase Comes Through

Todd gives Chase the name of a contractor, and the boys buckle down and get to work on the house. Two weeks later, the family shows up for the big unveiling, and (drumroll)… it looks great! Chase and Parker actually pulled it off. Even Todd has got to give it up; for a first flip, not bad. Todd can actually say he’s proud to see his son following in his footsteps. Now he just has to sell it.