Todd Goes Country
S4 episode 12 Aired on June 14, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

It’s Julie’s birthday week and Todd has big plans -- namely, a surprise party! But it doesn’t stop there. See, Todd has secretly been writing a song for his beloved wife with the help of big-time Nashville songwriter Shane Stevens and he’s going to record it as a duet with one of Julie’s favorite country singers -- the amazing Sara Evans. And as if that weren’t enough, Todd and Sara are going to perform the song together for Julie at her big surprise party. Daaamn! Todd, you’re crazy for this one!

In order for Todd to unleash this megaton birthday bomb, he needs to throw his family off the scent. First, he gives Julie a very special birthday cupcake on the wrong day. Then he tells her he’s taking singing lessons and he wants Julie to plan a big party for him to announce himself to the world as a major new Nashville talent. Now, Julie (rightly) gets pretty fired up because Todd has forgotten her birthday AND she thinks he’s a self-centered egoist for making her throw HIM a party on HER birthday. So…mission accomplished, we guess? Todd thinks he’s a genius because no one suspects a thing, and while the family is most definitely off the scent, Julie is kind of over her husband right now.

Todd heads in to the studio to lay down hot tracks with Sara Evans, but his nerves get the best of him and he nearly blows the session. Even worse, he’s coming down with the flu! The stress of his master plan is too much to bear. And guess what, Todd? No one has any sympathy for you right now, especially Julie, who thinks they should just call the whole party off! Todd drafts Savannah to keep Julie’s eyes on the party prize, and she’s only too happy to help when she learns the truth. Savannah accompanies her mother to the event space in order to keep her from cancelling, while Todd gets an IV to help him beat the bug. Did we mention he hates needles, though? Todd puts on a big dramatic show while the nurse tries to find his vein, and Chase captures the whole thing for posterity (and payback for the tattoo removal debacle) on his phone.

The night of the party arrives! Thanks to Julie, everything has been taken care of, and thanks to Savannah, her mother didn’t cancel the whole thing. Now, it’s just up to Todd. Of course, Todd never saw a stage he didn’t want to stand on, and when he gets up and surprises Julie with the news that she’s planned her own birthday party, she couldn’t be happier. But the true test comes when Sara Evans walks out to help sing Todd’s song for Julie. No nerves this time—Todd kills it! It’s one of Julie’s best birthdays ever. Maybe Todd really is a genius?