Goat Farm Yourself
S4 episode 11 Aired on June 7, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


Todd gives Chase and Savannah their employee evaluations, and quite frankly, their work ethic stinks -- Savannah barely shows her face in the store, while Chase’s overtime claims are highly dubious. Todd thinks the kids need their attitudes adjusted, so he arranges for them to go see how another family-owned business is run (that’s a business owned by another family, Chase). He takes their iPhones, hands them a map and an old flip phone from the last century, and sends them on their way. The kids have no idea where they are going, but they can guess that they won’t like it.


Savannah’s map reading skills aren’t too great, but after a few wrong turns they finally arrive at their destination -- a goat farm owned by Dustin and Justine Noble. Todd is hoping the kids will learn a little about hard labor from the Nobles and start appreciating their luxurious lifestyles, but Chase and Savannah aren’t what you would call farm people, and they start to have serious misgivings when they see the cramped trailer they are going to have to share. Sleeping in the same room? Bugs in the shower?! And where is the mirror in this bathroom?!! At least Chase brought his scented candles.


As expected, Savannah doesn’t mind the farm chores, but Chase has serious difficulties when it comes to herding goats. Ditto milking them. After a long day, Savannah just wants to crash early, but Chase plans to hit the town and Savannah reluctantly agrees (girl, why?). Todd catches wind of it and calls them to put his foot down. Then, to make matters worse, the kids wind up sleeping in, which doesn’t endear them to the Nobles. And when the bickering siblings screw up the milk bottling, they can tell that they’re digging themselves a mighty big hole.


Savannah is determined to make amends to the Nobles, and even Chase feels bad. Luckily, he finds something that suits his personality: soap-making. Chase begins to thrive in his nice, clean, soapy world, and he even has a few ideas for some new products (bubble bath!). Their winning streak continues at the farmers market where Chase’s charm manages to move quite a few units of soap. By the time the kids are packing up the Range Rover, they feel pretty good about their time at the farm. They’ve learned a few lessons about hard work and have a better appreciation of what they have. And hey, Chase even got to take home some soap! Todd is proud that his kids stepped up and got the job done.