Family Matters
S4 episode 10 Aired on May 31, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers


After a not-so-glowing review from the general manager of the Juice Bar (slacking, not taking things seriously, bickering—you know, Chase and Savannah stuff), Todd decides that they’re all going team-building. Who doesn’t love a good obstacle course? Chase is excited to show everyone that he is the all-star QB of this team, but Savannah thinks he should be riding the bench, and more bickering ensues. They end up crashing and burning on the obstacle course, Chase quits and runs home to Atlanta, and everybody pretty much decides they want a new team.


As if the disgraceful display at team building wasn’t bad enough, Julie calls Todd to tell him that she took Faye to the hospital to run tests because the doctors found a lump in Nanny’s breast. Todd is scared – first Julie, and now possibly Faye? – and mad that they didn’t call him right away. Of course, they didn’t want Todd to worry, and Julie promises to call when they have the test results. The wait is excruciating but eventually Todd gets the call: negative! Todd is elated, and the whole Chrisley clan (even Chase) comes to Nashville for a big ol’ love fest.


Faye is out of the woods, and Todd wants to celebrate her good health. The kids have some pretty bad ideas (what the heck is cheese rolling, Grayson?), but if there’s one thing we know Faye likes it’s gambling. Casino night, y’all! But can the family finally pull together to pull it off? Todd is confident that the kids will step up, and sure enough, they put their bickering aside and dress the part to surprise Faye with a great night. Chase deals blackjack, Lindsie and Savannah run the roulette, and Faye gets the near-Vegas experience she deserves. And the best part is, everyone came together when it counted. Seems like this is a team that is built to last!