Big E Langston

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 290 lbs.
From: Tampa, Fla.
Signature Move: The Big Ending
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion


The word “Big” almost feels like an understatement when talking about Big E Langston, but how else do you describe a 290-pound tank of a man who can deadlift a Fiat? Superhuman comes to mind. So does Herculean. “Big” leaves no question about the type of carnage this beast will bring to WWE.

How did Langston become one of the most physically intimidating men on the planet? Leaving an ocean of sweat in the weight room helped, but the sobering fact is that some people are just born special. Langston was always the strongest kid in class — an advantage he used to win state championships in high school wrestling and punish quarterbacks on the defensive line for the University of Iowa.

By the time he was 24, Langston was already shattering state and national powerlifting records as he threw around numbers not witnessed since the days when Mark Henry was active in the sport — 806-pound deadlifts; 575 pounds on the bench. Had squats been a national pastime there’s a chance WWE fans would never have witnessed the phenomenon that is Big E Langston.

In November of 2013, Big E pinned Curtis Axel to capture the Intercontinental Championship, his first title in WWE. He hasn't looked back since, most recently defending his title against Fandango on Raw and defeating former titleholder Axel again on SmackDown.

After successfully defending his championship against Damien Sandow at WWE TLC, Langston can look ahead to 2014 where big things assuredly await the big man.