Season 19 episodes

S19 EP38
SmackDown 9/17/2019
Aired on 09/17/2019
Available until 10/03/2019
In the wake of WWE Clash of Champions, the reunited Erick Rowan & Luke Harper took out Danial Bryan and Roman Reigns.
S19 EP37
SmackDown 9/10/2019
Aired on 09/10/2019
Available until 10/03/2019
Gable wouldn’t quit in the face of Shane-O-Mac, prompting Shane to fire Kevin Owens.
S19 EP36
SmackDown 9/3/2019
Aired on 09/03/2019
Available until 10/03/2019
The saga of who attacked Roman Reigns continues. Will this be the week Roman finds out his attacker?
S19 EP35
SmackDown 8/27/2019
Aired on 08/27/2019
Available until 09/27/2019
Roman Reigns is hellbent on finding out who relentlessly attacked him in recent weeks. Also, Miz seeks retribution from the Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.