Tye Dillinger

Amid a sea of fives, sixes and the occasional seven, one Superstar alone can be rated The Perfect 10.

At least, that’s how Tye Dillinger views the playing field of SmackDown LIVE, the place where the calculating ring veteran is ready to take his well-honed trade to the next level. Endlessly confident, the silky-smooth Dillinger thinks nothing of stopping a bout mid-match to grade his own performance. (Hint: It’s always 10 out of 10.)

Yet, the Niagara Falls native backs up his self-assured demeanor with a deliberate approach inside the ring that has earned him the respect of the locker room and the WWE Universe alike. Since first honing his craft in WWE NXT, Dillinger has been launching into celebratory cartwheels or holding up scorecards as he picks apart his opponents, cranking on their limbs or jarring their skulls with aplomb.

No matter his competition, Dillinger always poses a threat. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of holds and the discipline needed to apply them flawlessly, it’s hard to argue that the energetic SmackDown LIVE Superstar is anything less than perfect.