No snowstorm, no studio, no rules. For the first time since their close-quarters confrontation in Stamford, Conn., two months ago, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar came face-to-face in a WWE ring. Even with the absence of a Snowmageddon-caliber blizzard outside Los Angeles’ STAPLES Center, the atmosphere was indeed chilly between The Beast Incarnate and his No. 1 contender, who not only interrupted Paul Heyman’s latest round of Eat-Sleep-Promo-Repeat, but also refused to flinch at The Conqueror’s thuggish intimidation games. In fact, Reigns flat-out defied The Anomaly by snatching the title out of his hands, setting up a literal shoving match as Raw went to black. Of course, Brock Lesnar does not fight for free, so for one more night, Roman Reigns got away with his bravado. But only one more night. Believe it.

#DBvsDZ! #DBvsDZ! #DBvsDZ! Granted, It’s not WrestleMania, but Dolph Ziggler’s gentleman’s challenge to Daniel Bryan from a few months ago came true all the same in a Raw showdown that pitted The Showoff against Bryan with a special guest referee — Dean Ambrose — as determined by the WWE Universe via an App vote. Despite the two Superstars' mutual respect for each other, sportsmanship broke down in quick fashion and Ambrose had no intention of stopping a fight from breaking out at a wrestling match, cackling his head off as the two started slapping each other across the face.

In six days, Bray Wyatt gets his wish when The Undertaker returns to his hallowed ground of WrestleMania. But one of The Show of Shows’ greatest competitors may not be as weak as The Eater of Worlds would have the WWE Universe believed. As Wyatt raged against The Phenom in his final Raw sermon before The Showcase of the Immortals, thunder rumbled in the distance in an apparent display of The Deadman’s lingering power. Unfazed, Wyatt proclaimed his mastery over The Undertaker’s domain and promised his foe that he would, at long last, rest in peace.

Rough day for we, the people. Before John Cena attempts to hand Rusev his first true defeat at WrestleMania this Sunday, Jack Swagger took another crack at snapping The Super Athlete’s streak on Raw. Unfortunately for the former U.S. Champion, he failed, but give Swagger credit for shooting for the moon. He came out swinging against The Hero of the Russian Federation and put up a stiff defense against the champion’s hybrid style, getting within a hair of a Patriot Lock before Rusev took his legs out on the turnbuckle and locked in the Accolade. Rusev kept the move applied long after Swagger had submitted and succumbed to unconsciousness, though.

Let’s cut the proverbial bull: An Interspecies Tag Team Match is far too momentous an occasion to simply do once. So in a rematch of SmackDown’s historic contest, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Natalya went toe-to-hoof with Los Matadores & El Torito in a bout that some would say defied the laws of nature itself. Los Matadores’ resident bull-man (and by extension, Natalya) were largely confined to the apron for most of the match while the men handled the heavy lifting, though El Torito’s uncanny one-upsbullship of Cesaro continued to a severe enough degree that The King of Swing had to tag Natalya in. Alas, The Queen of Harts specializes in cats, not bulls, and Torito earned his keep by reversing a powerbomb into a sunset flip, pinning Natalya for the win.

In other action… Hulk Hogan and Snoop Dogg confronted Curtis Axel… Divas Champion Nikki Bella def. Paige… andy Orton def. Seth Rollins & J&J Security… Ryback, Erick Rowan, Zack Ryder & The Prime Time Players def. The Miz, Damien Mizdow, The Ascension & Adam Rose… Dean Ambrose & R-Truth def. Luke Harper & Stardust… and Stephanie McMahon confronted Sting