WWE Raw Recap: July 29, 2019
S27 episode 31 Aired on July 29, 2019

A “Samoan Summit” between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe never even got started, as The Big Dog and The Samoan Submission Machine sparked a wild brawl that ultimately involved Drew McIntyre, Cedric Alexander, The Usos and new Raw Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson of The O.C. Find out which Superstars stood tall as Raw went off the air.

Just one month after AJ Styles took them to task for falling short of their potential, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are once again Raw Tag Team Champions, the entire O.C. has a title around their waists, and the rest of the tag team division is simply struggling to keep up.

That includes former champs The Revival as well as their longtime rivals The Usos, all of whom were participants in the Triple Threat title match that saw The Good Brothers return to the champions’ circle. Perhaps sensing the inevitable, the two teams kept the action among themselves until Gallows & Anderson found their way in, stopping The Usos dead in their tracks and banishing The Revival to the apron.

Dash Wilder eventually tagged his way in on Anderson, bringing things back to The Usos and the champs. An outside-the-ring fracas left everybody down following an Uso superplex to the floor, but a blind tag by Gallows left both the “Top Guys” and the twins none the wiser to The O.C.’s status until it was too late. As The Revival and The Usos traded splashes and Shatter Machines, Gallows & Anderson made their move and made it count: Anderson planted Jey Uso with a spinebuster, Jimmy was downed by a vicious Magic Killer, and new champions were crowned. The turnaround is complete.

For Seth Rollins, Raw was all about righting injustice and getting payback against Dolph Ziggler for humiliating Shawn Michaels last week. A noble quest, to be sure, but with Universal Champion Brock Lesnar looming large in the distance, it’s hard not to think that The Beastslayer was focusing on the wrong opponent — especially since Lesnar came calling on Raw.

The Beast picked the perfect moment to strike, too. Between Ziggler’s superkick of HBK last week and his theft of the Hall of Famer’s entrance on Raw, Rollins was all righteous retribution in defense of the legendary Michaels. That also meant he wasn’t remotely ready for the mere possibility of The Conqueror. Lesnar hit the scene and brutalized Rollins with the slightest assist from The Showoff, who briefly ensnared Rollins’ ankle to leave him helpless against the hard-charging Beast.

“Helpless” was the operative word: Brock brutalized his challenger with German Suplexes in and around the ring and three F-5’s onto the back of a steel chair, which was positioned upright. The third was against the surprising protestations of Paul Heyman, who seemed to think the damage had been done and appeared unable to convince Lesnar to back off.

The brutalization continued in the backstage area when The Beast stopped Rollins’ ambulance from leaving the arena, yanked him out of the back and F-5’ed him again on the side of his stretcher. That’s a surprising turn of events and an ominous sign for SummerSlam. After all, there’s always been at least one person who could control Brock. If that governor no longer applies, then Rollins might have finally found the one hill he can’t climb.

If last week taught us anything, it’s that two Samoans don’t get into the ring just to talk unless they share the same last name. And given that Samoa Joe declared the “Samoan Summit” with Roman Reigns cancelled due to “catastrophic breakdown of peace talks,” it was all but a given that fists were going to fly. (Doubly so given that they got a head start with a pre-Summit brawl backstage). Even so, Roman and Joe sparked a brawl the likes of which nobody seemed to anticipate.

It began straightforwardly enough, with Reigns and Joe trading blows, and Roman even chucked the steel steps right into Joe’s face. But when Drew McIntyre emerged to tilt the odds in Joe’s favor, a parade of Superstars soon joined in on the fray. Cedric Alexander, McIntyre’s rival, came to Reigns’ defense, and when McIntyre seemingly incapacitated the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion by throwing him off the stage, The Usos stormed to their cousin’s aid. Their arrival brought out Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson from The O.C., and it was Alexander who left everybody down when he scaled part of the LED board high above the announce desk and cross-bodied off of it onto the pile of humanity below.

McIntyre recovered quickly and dragged Alexander back to the ring, only to find the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion had a little more left in the tank than anticipated. The O.C. ran interference, and Reigns did as well, Superman Punching both Good Brothers and McIntyre, who Cedric took out for good with a plancha over the ropes. That left Joe standing alone, and The Bloodline took care of him with a pair of superkicks and a Spear to leave Reigns, Alexander and The Usos standing tall. Consider the summit a success.

In other action … Mike Kanellis won the 24/7 Championship following the Mosh Pit Mixed Tag Team Match; Maria Kanellis forced him to lie down so she could win the championship … Ricochet won a Gauntlet Match to earn the right to challenge United States Champion AJ Styles at SummerSlam … Johnny James & Cole Carter … and The Samoan Summit descended into chaos.

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