WWE Raw Recap: June 10, 2019
S27 episode 24 Aired on June 10, 2019

When Sami Zayn got overzealous as the “impartial” outside official in Raw’s main event pitting Universal Champion Seth Rollins against Kevin Owens, The Beastslayer unleashed on “The Critic of the Critics” and sent a painful message to his WWE Stomping Grounds challenger, Baron Corbin. Will The Lone Wolf suffer the same fate as Zayn on Sunday, June 23?

WWE Stomping Grounds is shaping up to be a make-or-break night for both Women’s Champions: Becky Lynch needs to put a stop to Lacey Evans’ insurgency and prove becoming a double-champ didn’t come at the cost of her killer instinct, and Bayley has a chance to rewrite history against Alexa Bliss, who snapped her first title reign a few years ago and sent The Huggable One on a long road through the wilderness. If what happened on Raw is any indication, both women have their work cut out for them.

Evans & Bliss scored the win in a match that pitted champions against challengers, and The Sassy Southern Belle carried the day with a pinfall over the hometown heroine. Ironically, the deciding factor was someone who wasn’t even in the match: Nikki Cross, who had come to ringside in support of Bliss. Evans shoved WWE’s Twisted Sister into Becky’s path of pursuit during a ringside chase, leading to a Woman’s Right from the Belle that dropped Becky to the ground. An under-the-radar tag made Evans the legal woman outside Bayley’s vision, and while the SmackDown Women’s Champion sized up Bliss for a Bayley-to-Belly, Evans slid into the ring and cracked Bayley with another Woman’s Right. Cross looked somewhat conflicted over the role she played in the outcome, but Bliss and Evans showed no such qualms. They got their win. It didn’t matter how.

If there’s one lesson to be taken away from The Revival’s last couple of weeks, it’s that it pays to be in good with Shane McMahon. Not only did Dash & Dawson get a Six-Man Tag win last week with Shane and Drew McIntyre in their corner, but they were introduced by Shane-O-Mac in advance of a Triple Threat title fight that they won, making the “Top Guys” two-time Raw Tag Team Champions.

Yes, that means the clock strikes midnight on the Cinderella story of Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins, who looked great in defeat and were simply overwhelmed by the Triple Threat chaos. Ryder found himself on the worst end of it when he took the brunt of a splash from a superkick-happy Jey Uso, who has traded wins with The Revival alongside his twin brother Jimmy. But unbeknownst to Jey, Scott Dawson had tagged in on him before he took flight for said splash, which made Dawson the legal man. After Jey nailed the splash, Dawson threw him off the pinfall position and stole the win with some help from Dash Wilder, who held Jey's leg to stop him from breaking up the three count.

The stolen pinfall was enough to hand The Revival the titles, as well as pass to Shane and Drew’s Super ShowDown celebration, where there’s champagne waiting for them on ice. Given that Dash & Dawson were getting roasted for their grooming habits and scalded by Ucey Hot below the belt a few weeks ago, that’s a remarkable turnaround that can’t be overstated.

Forces conspire against Seth Rollins. Baron Corbin will face him in two weeks, Kevin Owens Wild-Carded his way to Raw for a match and Sami Zayn somehow got himself appointed the “Special Outside Guest Referee.” And we haven’t even gotten to Brock Lesnar, who is still Mr. Money in the Bank and is no longer interested in pre-announcing his cash-in or even pre-announcing where and when he’s going to show up. For all the WWE Universe knew, as Paul Heyman claimed, The Beast could be there tonight.

He wasn’t, so that, at least, remains tomorrow’s problem for the time being. And needless to say, Zayn’s abuse of his already-questionable authority led to Rollins losing that main-event match when Sami goaded The Beastslayer into laying hands on him, thereby handing KO the disqualification win. (All things considered, the increasingly-beleaguered John Cone might have gotten to Zayn first, if not for an abundance of professionalism.) But Rollins nonetheless ended the night on an up note, tanning Zayn’s back with a chair and driving away Baron Corbin, who attempted to get one up on the champion in a post-match sneak attack. It’s shaping up to be a long month, or year, or life, for Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The good news, as always, is that he seems ready to handle it.

In other action … Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn confronted Universal Champion Seth Rollins … Lars Sullivan def. Lucha House Party (Elimination Match) … WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The IIconics def. Lisa Lace & Aleyah Mia … 24/7 Champion R-Truth got trapped in an elevator with his opponents … and Bray Wyatt crushed Ramblin' Rabbit with a mallet on "Firefly Fun House”.

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