WWE Raw Recap: April 8, 2019
S27 episode 15 Aired on April 8, 2019

On a night The Undertaker returned to silence Elias, Lars Sullivan emerged to maul Kurt Angle, and the Raw Tag Team Titles and the Intercontinental Championship were defended, Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston collided in a Winner Take All Match to close out the Raw after WrestleMania 35. That main event was spoiled, however, when The Bar intervened, transforming the bout into a tag team frenzy.

Even by the standards of champions, Becky Lynch has it pretty good these days.

She has a historic main event win at WrestleMania, two titles on her shoulders, a catchy theme song and even a new rival. The Man had just finished her victory lap (complete with an open offer of a rematch to Ronda Rousey) when she ran afoul of Lacey Evans, who has made a show of strutting up and down the entrance ramp in recent weeks. This time, however, The Lady of WWE made her move, blasting Lynch in the jaw with the Woman’s Right. The fist briefly staggering the champion, but wasn't enough to drop her, instead instigating a brawl up the ramp that ended with Lynch getting the upper hand by ensnaring Evans in the Dis-arm-her. And for all The Irish Lass Kicker's accomplishments over the last few days, she may have inspired Evans to follow one very specific lesson of her main-event journey: To be The Man, you have to beat The Man.

Even the most strident of Elias doubters has to feel for him after two years of near-constant interruptions, but he objectively asked for this one: Having set aside some time to perform the rock opera that The Dr. of Thuganomics clowned at WrestleMania, The Living Truth ominously warned (during an oddly impressive freestyle, no less) that the next person who interrupted him would be a “dead man,” and just such a man answered the call.

As if summoned by The Living Truth’s ill-advised trash talk, The Undertaker emerged from whatever hereafter he’s been lurking in to step to the guitarist. Elias didn’t back down from The Deadman, though he might have been better off getting out while the getting was good: He was met with a swift boot to the face when he attempted to charge The Last Outlaw, and a chokeslam-Tombstone combo spelled the end of this performance. Elias certainly doesn’t lack for boldness, creativity, or skill, but he might do better to pick his battles — and his words — more carefully.

The main event of Raw between Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston was scheduled to be Winner Take All. And the two winners of WrestleMania did take all, though not in the way they expected: The Bar crashed the match (technically handing Kofi a disqualification win) in what was either some kind of pre-Superstar Shake-up power play or just an attempt to refocus the conversation on themselves. If it was the latter, they succeeded: Both the Universal and WWE Champion turned their gazes toward Cesaro & Sheamus, instantly reconfiguring the main event into a bout between the two champions and one of SmackDown LIVE’s deadliest tandems.

The new titleholders stepped up accordingly. The Bar — who came inches from winning the SmackDown Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania — held an early advantage as an established team, but the WWE and Universal Champions had too much momentum to be denied. Once Sheamus was dispatched on the outside, Cesaro was ripe pickings for a one-two combo of Trouble in Paradise and the Stomp. The final moments of Raw were markedly more civil than the start of the show had been — Rollins & Kofi bumped fists and posed with their titles — but somewhat open-ended all the same: With next week’s Superstar Shake-up looming in the distance, the fate of both champions is somewhat unclear. But with due respect to a game Cesaro & Sheamus, whatever standard is set at their ultimate destination might have to be adjusted: There’s no denying who sets the bar.

In other action … WWE Champion Kofi Kingston confronted Universal Champion Seth Rollins … Raw Tag Team Champions Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins def. The Revival … Lars Sullivan attacked Kurt Angle … Alexa Bliss def. Bayley … Aleister Black & Ricochet def. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable … Bobby Lashley attacked Dean Ambrose in Ambrose's final WWE match … and Intercontinental Champion Finn Bálor def. Sami Zayn.

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