WWE Raw Recap: April 1, 2019
S27 episode 14 Aired on April 1, 2019

After defeating The Riott Squad, Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch threw down in a chaotic brawl that only intensified after all three Superstars were handcuffed. How will the arrest of these The Baddest Woman on the Planet, The Queen and The Man affect the Winner Take All main event of WrestleMania this Sunday?

If there’s an argument to be made for Seth Rollins at WrestleMania beyond whatever intangible winds of destiny he appears to be riding, it’s that if he hits Brock Lesnar with his best shot, he might just pull it off and take the Universal Title. Even Paul Heyman admitted he was expecting as much from the “Beastslayer,” but The Advocate was hasty to add that even Rollins' biggest move wouldn’t be enough to stop The Beast from “violating” Rollins and “desecrating the good name of WrestleMania.”

For all Brock’s well-earned confidence, however, he may be considering Rollins as too much of an afterthought. The challenger interrupted Heyman, went face-to-face with the champion, and insisted that while victory was certainly improbable, it wasn’t impossible. As if to illustrate his point, he nailed Lesnar with a pair of low blows and pancaked his head into the mat with a Stomp, leaving The Conqueror a writhing heap in the ring while Rollins made a triumphant exit.

Beating Brock this Sunday might not be so cut-and-dry, of course. As Charly Caruso pointed out, if Rollins low-blows Brock on Sunday, he'll get disqualified. (Rollins' reply: "Eh. He had it coming.") But for one night, Lesnar took his opponent’s best shot and had no answer. Unlikely as it seems, the unconquerable champion might be looking at the one thing more ominous than a slayer: A spoiler.

The short version? They did coexist, until the exact second they didn’t have to. Tasked with keeping things civil in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match just six days from WrestleMania, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch dutifully kept their hands off each other, successfully evading the pitfall of a stipulation that any woman who betrayed their team would be removed from Sunday’s main event. But the second Rousey had submitted Liv Morgan to earn her team a win over The Riott Squad, the fists started flying, with The Baddest Woman on the Planet throwing the first punch against Charlotte Flair.

A crew of security guards proved ineffective at best, as did a squadron of police officers. The three Superstars’ continued aggression in the presence of the police, however, landed all three of them in handcuffs and it got even more frantic once the three main-eventers were escorted backstage: The cops made the mistake of putting Ronda and Becky in the same car, leading to a scramble in the backseat in which Ronda kicked out a window. When they attempted to transfer Becky to the same car as Charlotte, those two started kicking at each other while a still-handcuffed Rousey somehow commandeered the town car she was in and drove it into the squad car. The cops finally restrained The Man in the police vehicle, leaving Rousey and Flair to jaw-jack until The Queen kneed the Raw Women’s Champion square in the side of the head to end the brawl.

Kurt Angle’s final Raw appearance was less an occasion for competition than celebration, with The Olympic Hero emerging only to bid the WWE Universe farewell and watch a tribute video highlighting the WWE Hall of Famer’s storied career. So it says something about Baron Corbin that he didn’t only manage to ruin that, but also the efforts of SmackDown LIVE’s Rey Mysterio to defend the Olympian’s honor in an impromptu match later in the evening.

Despite Mysterio’s desire to teach Corbin a “lesson in respect,” The Lone Wolf more or less routed The Ultimate Underdog thanks to a tweaked knee that largely prevented the former World Heavyweight Champion from mounting one of his patented comeback victories. (Somewhere, United States Champion Samoa Joe is licking his chops). Corbin pinned Mysterio after a Deep Six, but he found himself inadvertently wandering into the clutches of The Olympic Gold Medalist on top of the ramp: Angle snuck up on a gloating Corbin, double-legged him to the ramp and wrenched in an Ankle Lock that left The Lone Wolf tapping and crying for mercy. A crew of WWE officials forced Angle to release the hold, but he had made his point: Corbin may be bigger. He may be stronger. He may be faster. But Kurt Angle might just be plain better.

In other action … Stephanie McMahon announced the WrestleMania main event would now be Winner Takes All … WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection, Beth Phoenix & Natalya def. Nia Jax, Tamina & The IIconics … Batista gave his final remarks before his No Holds Barred Match with Triple H … Apollo Crews def. Jinder Mahal … Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival def. Aleister Black & Ricochet via Count-out … Drew McIntyre attacked Roman Reigns … Heavy Machinery def. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable … Braun Strowman def. “Colin Jost” & “Michael Che” … and “The Demon” Finn Bálor confronted Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley.

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