Recap April 13
Aired on April 13, 2015

Not only did Seth Rollins avoid a Tombstone Piledriver, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion can breathe a sigh of relief in two weeks’ time that the RKO is off the table at Extreme Rules. That’s because Rollins, armed with the ability to choose a stipulation in his title match against Randy Orton, chose to ban The Viper’s signature move from competition come bell time. Orton, of course, is a snake of many tricks, and decided to take Rollins’ own greatest weapon — The Authority — away byenclosing the bout in a Steel Cage. And then, because he’s only got two weeks of RKOs left, Orton decided to dish ’em out while he still could. Thanks to J&J’s interference, only Joey Mercury caught the maneuver, and as for Rollins, he decided to get out while the getting was good and run. At least, while he still could.

Dolph Ziggler was supposed to compete against Seth Rollins before Kane was coerced into taking his spot, but you didn’t really think Dolph Ziggler would deprive the WWE Universe of Dolph Ziggler, right? Taking a page out of his old teammate John Cena’s playbook, The Showoff issued an open challenge that ended up being answered by England’s own former NXT Champion Neville.

The two workhorses did not disappoint, clashing in a dream match the likes of which even the most fervent corners of the Internet Sports-Entertainment Community didn’t think would happen for another few months. Neville’s breathtaking 450 Splash off the barricade seemingly handed him the win on a platter, though experience ultimately won out when a reeling Ziggler evaded the Red Arrow and hit the Zig Zag for the victory. Sheamus immediately spoiled the party, pulverizing Neville with one Brogue Kick and, after a vicious scrap with The Showoff outside the ring, taking Ziggler down with another.

It was only a matter of time before Dean Ambrose made his move against Luke Harper. But The Lunatic Fringe will have to wait a little while longer for his payback against the former Intercontinental Champion, whose rematch with Ryback ended in a disqualification when he slammed the commentary tabletop into The Big Guy’s head. Ambrose then sprinted to the ring and jumped his rival, though Harper made his escape through the WWE Universe before the former U.S. Champion could get his proper retribution.

It was a long time coming, but Damien Mizdow finally found himself topping the bill just one week after suffering a humiliating loss to The Miz on Raw. Spurned on, no doubt, by his epic retaliation on SmackDown, Mizdow followed up with his long-awaited in-ring retribution against the former WWE Champion. He even had Summer Rae in his corner when he scored the fateful rollup that pinned Miz to the mat, plus a kiss on the cheek from The Awesome One’s “Marine 4” co-starlet to boot. Not bad for a stunt double.

Call it the Chokeslam of Doom. Despite some strong words from his old hug buddy Daniel Bryan, Kane did exactly what Seth Rollins told him to do and laid down for The Architect, ensuring he’d get a pick of his own for the stipulation of the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match at Extreme Rules. It looked, for a moment, however, like it was going to go the other way, with the Director of Operations systematically removing his suit as Rollins looked on in horror, shoving J&J Security aside and walloping Rollins in the face. And even though he planted Rollins with a Chokeslam, he stopped short of a Tombstone, electing, after much debate, to lie down next to an unconscious Rollins instead and drape the champion’s lifeless arm over himself to lose the fall as commanded.

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