Raw Recap: March 14, 2016
Aired on March 14, 2016

Three weeks from WrestleMania and here we are. For the first time, all three of the players in the battle that will determine the future of Monday Night Raw — Shane McMahon, Mr. McMahon and The Undertaker — were together in the ring. It was predictably tense, particularly when Shane insinuated The Deadman was little more than The Chairman’s puppet. That was enough for The Phenom to throw hands, though Shane held his own against The Demon of Death Valley until The Chairman quite literally threw Shane-O-Mac gullet-first into a chokeslam. Mr. McMahon narrowly avoided The Deadman himself, and even though he left the night with a smile on his face, it appears the McMahons, with their dueling agendas, have woken the dragon … the big, dead dragon. And now, no one is safe.

For better or worse, Dean Ambrose is out of the roadblock. But he’s still got a date in the street with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, which Paul Heyman and The Beast made an explicit point of reminding Ambrose about when he attempted to address his WWE World Heavyweight Championship loss against Triple H over the weekend. Ambrose, of course, doesn’t exactly shy away from fights these days, so he was all ready to throw down with The Anomaly at a moment’s notice. Despite Heyman’s objections, Lesnar seemed game himself — that is, until Ambrose produced a hidden crowbar to drive Lesnar away. Touché, lunatic, though Mick Foley did Ambrose one better later in the night by bestowing a most extreme gift on The Lunatic Fringe ...

Dolph Ziggler loves to poke the bear. For a while now, The Showoff has been butting heads with The Authority backstage, but the former World Heavyweight Champion took his defiance to another level by stepping to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in the middle of the ring. Interestingly, despite the interruption The Game seemed, well, game to offer Ziggler a spot in The Authority’s ranks to help reverse his fortunes. And even though Ziggler turned him down and insulted Stephanie, he was still lucky(?) enough to receive a devilish deal from The Authority: a spot in any WrestleMania match he desired, minus the WWE World Heavyweight Title contest, if he defeated Triple H later in the evening.

And the Internet broke: Not only did Triple H defeat Dolph Ziggler to deny The Showoff a WrestleMania blank check, but Roman Reigns returned to unleash hell on The Game and reinforce his position as The King of Kings’ potential usurper at The Show of Shows. Truth be told, The Game’s first match on Raw in three years was a bit of a rough night all around: Ziggler’s mix of mat game and explosiveness landed him a Famouser, a big DDT and a superkick before Triple H nailed a Pedigree out of nowhere to pin him.

That’s when Reigns made his entrance (from the ramp, no less), and he gave no quarter to the man who sent him into surgery, busting The King of Kings open as he battered him about the arena. Reigns even shoved aside referees and security who attempted to stop the madness. The beating only stopped after Reigns had broken a television across The Game’s back, and it took The Usos, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry to finally do it. It’s on.

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