Raw Recap: October 2, 2017
Aired on October 2, 2017

DENVER — Seth Rollins talked the talk, and he walked the walk … until Braun Strowman put him in the ground. The Kingslayer’s plan to defy expectations by challenging Strowman ended in the same familiar fashion as The Monster Among Men’s other conquests — Running Powerslam, 1-2-3 — though not before the Raw Tag Team Champion landed some impressive maneuvers of his own after a brief brawl outside the ring.

Nonetheless, not only did Strowman prevail, he quickly went to work on his foe after the bell. Rollins received some post-match reinforcement in the form of his tag team partner, Dean Ambrose, but Strowman made quick work of The Lunatic Fringe as well. Adding insult to injury, Cesaro & Sheamus resurfaced to inflict some more punishment on the Raw Tag Team Champions in the form of a Neutralizer to Ambrose and a Brogue Kick to Rollins. If nothing else, "The Bar" will not be cleared so easily.

The Miz has demanded respect for months now, but the Intercontinental Champion aping The Shield with his squad might have been a bridge too far. After he and The Miztourage mimicked The Shield’s entrance through the crowd (one week after doing the fist bump, mind you) before his title match with Roman Reigns, The Big Dog snapped, obliterating Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel with a steel chair before the match could start.

Miz, impressively, nearly finagled his way to a count-out win in the ensuing title bout and later reversed the Superman Punch into a Skull-Crushing Finale, but Reigns would not be denied. He kicked out of Miz’s big move and clocked him with a Superman Punch, but Cesaro & Sheamus quickly interfered before Reigns could uncork a Spear on The A-Lister.

“The Bar” — whom Reigns had less-than-flattering words for after their beatdown of his old allies Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins — worked in perfect sync with Miz to decimate Reigns, feeding him into each other’s signature moves (Neutralizer, Brogue Kick, Skull-Crushing Finale) before administering The Shield’s final signature, the Triple Powerbomb, to Reigns, and joinng in the signature fist bump. (The display was enough to earn "The Bar" a guest slot on "Miz TV" next week.)

Ironically, while Reigns licked his wounds at the very end of Raw, he received a pointed visit from Ambrose and Rollins, who wordlessly stood by The Big Dog’s side in solidarity. The Miz has been asking all along if The Shield could hang with today’s WWE, three years after they imploded. He might get his answer yet.

Last week, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore was annihilated at the hands of every single Cruiserweight in the division, a tear-inducing humiliation that carried the silver lining (for Enzo) of each Superstar forfeiting a title opportunity, as they had each violated The Certified G’s No-Contact clause. This week, Enzo didn’t just rub that lack of restraint in their faces, he introduced another Kurt Angle-ratified clause: That any Cruiserweight who touched him tonight would be fired.

Enzo went on to proclaim himself the most dominant, and relevant, of all the Cruiserweights, and at the end of his diatribe, Neville marshalled the division to surround Muscles Marinara once again. While Enzo seemed nervous at the outset, his tune quickly changed when he produced the updated clause, at which point Smacktalker Skywalker ran them all down individually and in astounding fashion (except for Akira Tozawa, who got a free pass thanks to this).

That is, until he got to Neville, and Kurt Angle himself arrived to point out a glaring loophole in the clause. While none of the Cruiserweight at ringside could lay a hand on Enzo, Angle did sign a new Superstar exempt from the red tape: Kalisto.

The former United States Champion made quite the first impression in the Cruiserweight division, laying out the champion with a jaw-dropping Salida del Sol. Muscles Marinara might have the sauce, but he might have just met the fly in the ointment.

In other action … Elias def. Titus O'Neil … Mickie James def. Nia Jax via Disqualification … Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson def. Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan … Dana Warrior and the Raw Women’s division presented breast cancer survivors with custom championships … Bray Wyatt addressed Finn Bálor … and Bayley & Sasha Banks def. Emma & Alicia Fox. 

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