Raw Recap: September 25, 2017
Aired on September 25, 2017

Being a lunatic certainly has its advantages. Unpredictability, fearlessness and a pretty solid win-loss record, to name a few. That said, whatever voice in Dean Ambrose’s head compelled him to fight Braun Strowman on Raw certainly didn’t do the Raw Tag Team Champion any long-term favors, though it did carry the The Lunatic Fringe to an impressive, if ultimately fruitless, effort against The Monster Among Men.

Going into this match, the best Ambrose probably could have hoped for was that he didn’t lose any teeth. Instead, he shocked everyone by giving Strowman a true-blue fight, sticking, moving and using an impressive combo of submissions, recklessness and chicanery (nice thumb to the eye) to get within arm’s length of victory.

Alas, The Monster Among Men still got the win by reversing Ambrose’s standing elbow drop into the devastating Running Powerslam. Even Ambrose’s partner, Seth Rollins, was unnerved that his buddy’s unpredictability put him and their title reign in danger. Ambrose’s counter that Rollins’ decision-making was a little too by-the-numbers led The Kingslayer to do something nobody saw coming: Seek out (and receive) a match with Strowman for next week.

Could The Miz and The Miztourage have beaten The Shield? Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel certainly proved to be the difference-maker when Roman Reigns took on The A-Lister by his lonesome, picking at The Big Dog behind the referee’s back and ultimately helping the Intercontinental Champion make a profound statement at Reigns’ expense, despite suffering a loss in their match.

In fact, The Miztourage softened Reigns up for The Miz each time The Big Dog pulled into the lead, while Miz focused his efforts on Reigns’ banged-up lower back. A double Drive-By took out Dallas & Axel and finally left Miz open to a match-ending Spear, but The Miztourage returned moments later to utterly decimate Reigns with steel chairs and feed him into two Skull-Crushing Finales, the second on top of a chair.

Miz kept the assault going for minutes on end, but the final insult came when the three A-Listers mocked Reigns with the classic Shield fist bump. That Reigns will receive an Intercontinental Title Match next week is consolation indeed, but it'll be hard to forget the brutal display from Miz that, only a few years ago, you would have had to see to believe.

Enzo Amore is WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and he is feeling himself big time. So much so that he demanded both a Certified G coronation to celebrate his win and a No-Contact clause for the rest of the Cruiserweights that would strip them of any title opportunities if they laid a hand on him. Without fear of reprisal, Enzo ran down everyone from the WWE Universe to Big Cass during his ceremony in one of his most lengthy diatribes yet, even attempting to retire his jersey to commemorate his performance at WWE No Mercy.

And the Cruiserweight division was not happy. Every single one of 205 Live’s competitors came out in silent protest of Amore, and the champion ran down every single one of them in turn — up to and including a bleary-eyed Neville, who looked like he hadn’t slept in days but wasted no time reminding Amore that he was only a Cruiserweight because the division had insisted on giving him an opportunity after the Raw locker room drove Enzo away.

In other action …Roman Reigns appeared on "Miz TV" … Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan def. The Miztourage … Elias def. Apollo Crews … Braun Strowman attacked Curt Hawkins … Mickie James confronted Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss … Raw Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins def. Sheamus … Finn Bálor def. Goldust … and Bayley & Sasha Banks def. Nia Jax & Emma.

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