Raw Recap: September 18, 2017
Aired on September 18, 2017

The Miz has gotten a lot of attention, both good and bad, for speaking his mind lately, but the Intercontinental Champion’s famous gift of gab may have finally gotten him into more trouble than it’s worth.

When The A-Lister confronted Kurt Angle over failing to schedule an Intercontinental Title Match for WWE No Mercy, the Raw General Manager countered that he had planned a Fatal 4-Way Match for tonight to determine Miz’s next challenger at that very pay-per-view. The participants? Elias, both Hardy Boyz and Angle’s son, Jason Jordan.

Jordan’s inclusion in the match led Miz to accuse Angle of favoring Jordan over veterans such as his own cohorts, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, to repair their relationship. That brought out the prodigy himself to defend his father, and Angle may have stopped Jordan from taking out The Miz and his crew then and there, but Jordan, clearly taking the accusations to heart, convinced his dad to stack the odds against him and add The Miztourage to the match, to which Angle agreed. Of course, he then cleared the ring of said Miztourage singlehandedly, so maybe Jordan didn’t so much take himself out of contention as give himself two more men to defeat.

John Cena and Roman Reigns’ rivalry has been a heated point-counterpoint on the microphone thus far, and on Raw, Reigns had the opportunity to deliver a final jab in the direction of his foe. And that he did, tossing off a few barbs, among them his most scathing one yet: That Cena is a hypocrite. And Reigns had an unlikely reinforcement when it came to making that last point: Cena himself.

Cuing up an old interview from 2012 wherein Cena ripped the idea of a competitor who wasn’t there every week — in that case, it was The Rock — The Big Dog then revealed Cena wouldn’t be there that week to retort. The former WWE Champion then used Cena’s own words against him for his final signoff: “See you Sunday, movie star.” It can’t come soon enough.

After weeks of near misses against Raw’s most decorated Superstars, Jason Jordan powered past Elias, The Hardy Boyz and The Miztourage to send himself to WWE No Mercy, where he’ll challenge The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

Admittedly, however, the early MVP of the match was Elias, who showcased his intellect and athleticism in the early goings. And Jordan was nearly taken out of the high-stakes bout when The Miztourage and The Hardys — who occasionally fought each other in the match — administered a double Tower of Doom to the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion, and Elias almost stole the pin.

The Miz himself even got involved twice in an attempt to hand the match to The Miztourage, throwing Jordan into the crowd and breaking up a Jeff Hardy pinfall attempt after The Charismatic Enigma hit Curtis Axel with the Swanton Bomb.

And then, Jordan sprang again, catching The Axe Man in the Angle Slam-neckbreaker to punch his ticket to WWE No Mercy. The Miztourage quickly punched back, with all three members trouncing Jordan in short order before The Miz delivered some choice words to his upcoming challenger. He can have gold in his blood. It’ll take more than one win to put it around his waist.

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