Raw Recap: August 28, 2017
Aired on August 28, 2017

Last week, Braun Strowman was named as Brock Lesnar’s challenger for the Universal Title at WWE No Mercy. And lest you think that The Beast Incarnate forgot about Strowman putting him through two tables at SummerSlam (and brutalizing him once again the night after SummerSlam), rest assured that he did not.

Lesnar, making a surprise appearance with Paul Heyman, even went so far as to snatch the mic from his advocate’s hands after Heyman’s latest sermon, sending a distinct, if brief, message to his challenger: “Suplex City, b****.” Brock Lesnar may be a man of few words, but he certainly makes them count.

How do John Cena and Roman Reigns really feel about each other?

Slated to do battle at WWE No Mercy, the two Superstars made their match official and tore each other to shreds on the microphone, with Cena knocking Reigns as a “protected,” “corporately created” knockoff of Cena himself.

Reigns replied by labeling Cena as a “part-timer” who maintains his position by holding down any young talent who might one day surpass him, while Cena got the last word by proclaiming he was only still around because Reigns hadn’t stepped up enough to take his spot and that he was a better “part-time” Superstar than Reigns was on a full-time schedule.

The two managed to sheathe their fighting words long enough to put pen to paper, but the arrival of Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, looking for an easy win against the two warring opponents, briefly forced them to side together for an impromptu tag team match.

The Brooklyn Curse may have been broken, but Sasha Banks fell victim to yet another bit of bad juju that has dogged her: losing the Raw Women’s Championship in her first defense.

This time, Alexa Bliss dethroned The Boss in their SummerSlam rematch to become a two-time Raw Women’s Champion, though Bliss certainly isn’t about to saunter into the sunset unscathed. The Boss was firmly in control of the bout and well on her way to fulfilling a pre-match promise to make Little Miss Bliss tap out, despite having taken a couple of strong forearms to the face. But the wily Alexa bounced Sasha gullet-first off the top rope and planted her nemesis with a brutal DDT for the win.

Sasha’s night wasn’t over, as Nia Jax made her way to the squared circle to congratulate Alexa before splashing The Boss in the corner and hoisting Alexa on her shoulders. That said, Alexa’s night wasn’t over either, as Nia backdropped Bliss off her shoulders and held the Raw Women’s Title over her head. Alexa might call that rude. But she should know, when it comes to the title, there’s no such thing.

In other action … Jeff Hardy won a Battle Royal to become The Miz’s next challenger for the Intercontinental Championship … Enzo Amore def. Noam Dar … Cesaro def. Raw Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins … Raw Tag Team Champion Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus … Emma def. Mickie James … John Cena & Roman Reigns def. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson … and "Impressive" Pelvis Wesley confronted Elias.

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