Raw Recap: September 26, 2016
Aired on September 26, 2016

At least, there can be no debate: Roman Reigns is here to stay as United States Champion. In what was essentially The Big Dog’s second 12-round slugfest in two days, Reigns picked up where he left off against Rusev at WWE Clash of Champions, throwing bombs left and right throughout the majority of the title rematch that Rusev evoked.

Thanks to a coordinated attack on his tenderized back, The Big Dog struggled from underneath to even the odds. But the match quickly turned into a fight when champion and challenger spilled out into the arena and brawled far past the point of a double count-out. Rusev seemed to get the last word courtesy of a chair to Reigns’ back. The Big Dog answered with a Spear, though he seemed content to hold off on a chair attack of his own … at least, before he thought better of it and took a whack at Rusev’s back to send him stumbling to the showers.

For a while, it seemed as though WWE Clash of Champions was going to be Sasha Banks’ long-awaited one-on-one rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship. And before Bayley threw a wrench into the whole thing, it was. But despite Charlotte retaining her prize at the first Raw-exclusive pay-per-view, The Boss still has beef with the champion. That’s not to mention a legitimate claim to a Title Match seeing as she wasn’t the one Charlotte pinned the previous night. So she crashed Charlotte’s gloat session and demanded her one-on-one rematch on the spot.

Ordinarily, this would be about the time where Charlotte threw Dana Brooke at Sasha instead, but the Queen decided to tap into her inner fighting champion and accept Sasha’s demand … for next week, of course. What, you didn’t think it was going to be tonight, did you? Fear not, however: Sasha got the last word in by slapping Charlotte clear across the face and expelling her and Dana Brooke from the ring.

Seth Rollins’ loss to Kevin Owens at Clash of Champions was crushing in more ways than one. The Architect both missed out on KO’s WWE Universal Championship and injured his ribs in the process, which meant he spent the entire Raw being warned by Mick Foley to not mix it up with The Prizefighter until he was medically cleared. So, of course, Rollins went and defied him.

Rollins picked his moment perfectly, too, crashing Chris Jericho’s long-planned “Highlight Reel” with his bestie. But before Rollins could be added to “The List of Jericho,” Foley emerged with a posse of security to save Rollins from himself while Jeri-KO hurled insults from the ring. Owens and Jericho weren’t exactly done for the night, however, as Foley passed a cuppa' guys backstage who were more than willing to mix it up.

HOW YOU DOIN’? Not great, guys. Not great. Enzo Amore & Big Cass were conspicuous by their absence at Clash of Champions. And even though The Realest Guys in the Room certainly made a splash upon resurfacing on Raw, taking on the reformed Jeri-KO in Raw’s main event (and, coincidentally, a SummerSlam rematch), the result was the same as it was in August.

Give Enzo credit, however, as he proved he was made of the strongest stuff around even in a loss. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho isolated him for minutes on end, taking advantage of a dropkick to Owens that left Enzo seeing stars. “Muscles Marinara” found salvation by countering the Lionsault with a pair of knees to the face, but Jericho wisely nullified Big Cass’ comeback rampage by distracting the big man mid–Rocket Launcher. That left Enzo, who had just tagged in again, to suffer the wrath of Owens’ powerbomb on his own. Bada-boom indeed.

In other action... Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day def. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson... Bayley def. Anna Fields... Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann def. Lince Dorado & Drew Gulak... Cesaro & Sheamus def. Nick Cutler & Willis Williams... and WWE Cruiserweight Champion T.J. Perkins def. Tony Nese.

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