Raw Recap: September 5, 2016
Aired on September 5, 2016

Welcome to Monday Night Ra — er, The Kevin Owens Show! (It’s official, there’s a T-shirt and everything.) The first Monday night of Kevin Owens’ reign as WWE Universal Champion kicked off exactly as you might imagine, with an all-stops pulled celebration of The Prizefighter’s title win, complete with a barrage of insults toward the audience by Owens … oh, and an interruption from Seth Rollins, who was robbed of the title last Monday by Triple H.

More than a little stung by last week’s events, The Architect came out swinging verbally at Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon for hanging him out to dry (she continued to deny involvement) and literally at KO in a display of aggression that got him indefinitely suspended by Stephanie ... until Raw General Manager Mick Foley vetoed it. Opting to give the wronged Rollins an opportunity instead of a punishment, The Hardcore Legend exercised his match-making powers as GM and gave The Architect a chance to win the WWE Universal Title from Owens at Clash of Champions.

Following the successes of Jeri-KO and a win over Neville last week, it’s safe to say the value of “The Gift of Jericho” is at an all-time high. (Seriously, there’s a T-shirt and everything.) Also at an all-time high is Seth Rollins’ competitive drive, which meant that Chris Jericho got a healthy dose of it in his first one-on-one match with The Architect in over two years

Rollins was a man on a mission from the very beginning, battering Jericho from jump and forcing him onto his heels. The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla, looking to protect the honor of his best friend, Kevin Owens, rallied midway through to give The Architect a fight, going so far as to lock Rollins into the Walls of Jericho. But Rollins’ fight for his own honor was stronger than Jericho’s fight for Owens’. The Architect reached the ropes to break the hold, rallied from a Lionsault and, when Jericho resorted to desperation mode, executed a much-savored Pedigree for the win. Drink. It. In.

Sasha Banks promised some “bad news” in her first appearance on Raw since SummerSlam, where she both suffered an injury and lost the Raw Women’s Championship. The Boss’ ominous pre-Raw message had the WWE Universe thinking they were looking at a farewell of sorts, but turns out Sasha’s promise was a fake-out: When Dana Brooke came a-callin’ looking for some redemption after costing Charlotte her bout earlier in the night, Sasha sprang into action and locked Brooke in the Bank Statement. Once Brooke was dispatched, Sasha revealed that the “bad news” was really directed at Charlotte, who might have to contend with a fully-healthy Boss at Clash of Champions. How legit is that?

Despite scoring a heartfelt and initially decisive victory over Kevin Owens at Battleground, Sami Zayn — “directionless” in his own words — found himself back in the mix against his old friend Kevin Owens, who’s now the WWE Universal Champion and winning their “race,” in his own words. Zayn, as expected, gave Owens a hell of a fight, nearly snatching victory from the jaws of defeat when he aggravated his previously injured ankle and hit an exploder suplex to KO outside the ring.

Unfortunately, the hobbled Sami couldn't complete the Helluva Kick and Owens capitalized with a superkick and a powerbomb … and that’s when Roman Reigns came for payback of his own, having been denied the WWE Universal Title by Triple H as well last week. Chris Jericho arrived to give Owens some backup, but Mick Foley came to the rescue again, sanctioning Reigns vs. Owens for next week, where, if Reigns wins, he is added to the WWE Universal Championship Match at Clash of Champions. Reigns then laid out Jericho as a warning to The Prizefighter. Sinister alliances, demolished former friends, power struggles, and a looming threat from which the champion may not be able to escape? Just another week on The Kevin Owens Show.

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