Raw Recap: May 30, 2016
Aired on May 30, 2016

You know what would really be sour? If The New Day was forced to split up. Now, while the W. W. E. World. Tag. Team. Champions. would never do such a thing of their own volition, the upcoming Brand Extension that will split Raw and SmackDown back into two distinctive rosters may mean the decision is out of their hands. That caused no small amount of panic for ya boys, so they took it upon themselves to plead with Shane and Stephanie McMahon to ensure their status as a package deal.

The McMahon siblings refused to confirm one way or the other — or reveal who’ll be in charge of SmackDown — but they were enticed, as we all eventually are, into a dance challenge by the Tag Team Champions. Then, of course, The Vaudevillains interrupted and things got complicated.

It’s fair to say that, if not for Kofi Kingston’s timely assistance at Extreme Rules, The Vaudevillains could very well be WWE Tag Team Champions instead of The New Day. So you can certainly understand why the gentlemen brawlers were more in the mood to humiliate the champions in a non-title tussle on Raw as opposed to simply beating them.

They had a little help in doing so, too, as Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson attacked Kingston and Xavier Woods at ringside, at which point the ’Villains teamed up on the lone legal man: Big E. With all three champions down, Aiden English & Simon Gotch ceded the ring in gentlemanly fashion to Gallows & Anderson, who pummeled Big E with the Magic Killer.

So Roman Reigns has Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank, which is great for Seth Rollins, since he never lost the WWE World Heavyweight Title and is willing to do anything and everything to get it back. Reigns wasn’t exactly thrilled at having to wait to get his hands on The Architect, however, so “The Guy” came into the Raw ring and dared “The Man” to mix it up a few weeks early. Despite some pretty hardcore goading that nearly caused Rollins to rush the ring and fight, Rollins held firm and refused to give Reigns what he wanted. After all, what’s an Architect without a plan?

John Cena is back! And John Cena is down! The 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s much-anticipated homecoming was spoiled by none other than AJ Styles — who, having fallen short of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, has apparently decided to make an example out of the next best thing. Moments after Cena declared that the New Era would have to go through him, Styles came to the ring in an arrival that nearly caused the WWE Universe to implode under the weight of dueling fan support.

Once the rancor died down, Styles revealed he’d come to the ring under the pretense of paying respect. He even seemed primed to join the Cenation leader when Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson came to the ring. The whole thing was quickly revealed to be a ruse, however, as all three put a stomping on Cena (guess that breakup from last week was only temporary) that culminated in not one, not two, but three additional pummelings from The Phenomenal One.

So Dean Ambrose doesn’t trust Canadians. Who knew? That being said, he should be thankful that Sami Zayn was on his team in Raw’s main event, otherwise The Lunatic Fringe might have another loss to his name. In a match that pitted the six Money in the Bank competitors against each other, Ambrose, Zayn & Cesaro united against Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens & Alberto Del Rio, none of whom could get along to save their lives.

Or the match, as it turns out. After a long battle, Jericho finally had Ambrose where he wanted him when Owens stole a tag and stalled his trio in its tracks — thanks, Canada — instigating a Pier-Six brawl where Cesaro unleashed the Cesaro Swing on Jericho. That is, until Del Rio Backstabber’d him. At which point, Zayn hit him with the Helluva Kick, leading to a superkick from Owens and a Pop-up Powerbomb attempt that went awry. And that allowed Dean-O to pounce with Dirty Deeds for the win. Poutine for everybody!

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