Jimmy Uso

A descendant of the legendary Samoan Anoa’i family, Jimmy Uso’s bloodline includes such WWE Hall of Fame legends as his father Rikishi and great uncles The Wild Samoans, as well as “The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment,” The Rock.

Along with his twin brother Jey, Jimmy was determined from the start to shake loose any preconceptions his opponents might have about the Samoan lifestyle. Anyone thinking Jimmy and Jey Uso would ever compete barefoot while wearing tribal beads like their island-born great uncles would be sorely mistaken. The Usos are fully integrated in American culture.

Of course, the identical twins don't mind embracing the family business and the spoils that come with it. That became apparent when The Usos became the latest Anoa'i Family members to share tandem titles in WWE, having defeated the New Age Outlaws in March 2014 to claim their first WWE Tag Team Championships. With the glorious Samoan tradition coursing through his veins, Jimmy Uso strives to represent one of the squared circle’s most famous islands like never before. And, appropriate of his most famous family members, his barbaric spirit and pursuit of success scream both “wild” and “electrifying.”