He’s graceful. He’s dashing. He’s Fandango — that’s “Fahn-DAHN-Go” — and he’s bringing a style all his own to the WWE Universe. Mind if he cuts in?

Apologies if you were expecting another Neanderthal in leather underwear. That’s not the tune this self-styled Superstar dances to. First introduced to the WWE Universe in a series of vignettes that showed him moving seductively in a nightclub with a gorgeous woman, Fandango made it clear that he’s not interested in following typical WWE trends. When this nimble competitor is in the spotlight, he leads, most notably in his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 29 when he defeated Chris Jericho. That win still ranks as one of the greatest upsets in sports-entertainment history and shot the dancing devil into the viral stratosphere with a trend known as “Fandangoing.”

Still, don’t mistake Fandango’s light feet for a soft touch. At 6-foot-4 with a muscular 244-pound build and Tyler Breeze by his side forming the tag team Breezango, the performer is more than capable of busting a move — both on the dance floor and in the ring. With more style than a stack of GQ magazines, Fandango is in WWE to prove that ruthless aggression and animal strength aren’t the only ways to find success in sports-entertainment. Sometimes, a little rhythm goes a long way. Now, say his name.